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EdSA and Writers SA co-hosted drinks

by Tina Morganella

It’s easy to network when you have something in common with everyone in the room. Editors + writers = abundant chat and easy conversation about words and stories. 

In October, EdSA and Writers SA co-hosted networking and social drinks for the first time, providing an excellent opportunity for both camps to mingle, exchange ideas and offer strong opinions about the Oxford comma. The opportunity to attend an in-person event was much appreciated by everyone who came along, and many made a big effort to overcome shyness and introduce themselves to strangers — often a confronting task. 

Many writers edit, and many editors write and, of course, the relationship between the two is often fruitful and critical to a project’s success. Hopefully, this crossover will ensure the connection between our two organisations strengthens and grows. We’re looking forward to co-hosting other events and activities in 2022. Stay tuned. 

​​Tina is the Events Coordinator for EdSA. She is a freelance copyeditor and a fiction writer.