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Registration information for the 2024 accreditation exam.

Exam registration

The next accreditation exam is on Monday 12 August 2024. Registration information is provided below, under the following headings:

Information on the exam itself – such as structure and format – and on preparing for the exam is set out on the following pages:


Institute of Professional Editors

Key dates

The next IPEd accreditation exam is on Monday 12 August 2024. The table below sets out key dates relating to registration and cancellation of registration for the exam.


Event Date
Registrations open Monday 12 February 2024
Earlybird registrations close Sunday 2 June 2024
All registrations close Friday 12 July 2024
* Early cancellation (before registrations close) Up to and including Friday 12 July 2024
* Late cancellation (within 2 weeks after registrations close) Saturday 13 July to Friday 26 July 2024 (inclusive)
* Emergency cancellation (exam day and 2 weeks before)
Saturday 27 July to Monday 12 August 2024 (inclusive)
Exam day Monday 12 August 2024
** Special consideration requests Up to and including Monday 19 August 2024

* See Cancellation and refund policy below for more information about cancellation of registration.

** For information about requests for special consideration in the marking, see the Guide for candidates.

Registration policy

The 2024 accreditation exam is open to all IPEd members and members of approved affiliate editing organisations. Affiliate members will be asked for their membership details, which we will verify with the relevant organisation.

Non-members wishing to sit the exam must first join IPEd in the appropriate membership category.

First-time candidates must pay either the earlybird full fee, the standard full fee or the concession full fee by the relevant closing date.

If you are resitting the exam, you must indicate in the online registration form which exam you sat previously and pay either the earlybird resit fee, the standard resit fee or the concession resit fee by the relevant closing date. We will check your eligibility for the resit fee (only one resit at the reduced rate is allowed). If you have already registered and paid the reduced (resit) rate for the 2024 exam, but you have previously resat the exam at a reduced rate, you will be asked to pay the difference to make up the full fee at either the earlybird, standard or concession rate depending on your original date of payment.

Registration is not complete until you have BOTH:

  • completed the registration form, AND
  • paid the registration fee

by the earlybird or final closing date, as applicable to the date of your registration.

Registrations that are incomplete on Saturday 13 July 2024 will be automatically cancelled.


Institute of Professional Editors
Institute of Professional Editors

Registration fees

The fees for the 2024 exam are the same as for the 2022 exam. The table below shows the fees in Australian dollars both with GST (Australian candidates only) and without GST.

2024 rate Fee with GST Fee ex-GST Closing date
Early-bird full $675.00 $613.64 Sunday 2 June 2024
Early-bird resit $450.00 $409.09 Sunday 2 June 2024
Standard full $775.00 $704.55 Friday 12 July 2024
Standard resit $550.00 $500.00 Friday 12 July 2024
Concession full $500.00 $454.55 Friday 12 July 2024
Concession resit $350.00 $318.18 Friday 12 July 2024

Other fees that may apply are the cancellation fees (see Cancellation and refund policy) and the appeal fee (see under “Appeals” in the Guide for candidates).

Payment options

Candidates will have 2 payment options when registering for the exam via IPEd Events:

  • “Pay Now” – pay up-front by credit or debit card
  • “Pay Later” – receive an invoice to pay at a later date (e.g. by bank transfer).

If you will have difficulty paying the registration fee in one lump sum, please select the “Pay Later” option, and then contact the IPEd finance officer, Erin Rundle, to discuss a feasible payment plan (email:

Whichever payment option you choose, payment must be received in full by the final registration closing date of Friday 12 July 2024.

Registration procedure

Registration for the 2024 exam involves 2 steps:

  1. Register via IPEd Events. You will then receive an email with a link to the online registration form, as well as a payment receipt (if you chose “Pay Now”) or an invoice (if you chose “Pay Later”).
  2. Complete the online registration form via Google Forms.

Download a preview PDF of the registration form.

Please note that your exam registration will not be complete until you have paid the correct fee in full and submitted the online registration form via Google Forms.

Cancellation and refund policy

All cancellation fees are taken as deductions from the refund of the registration fee you paid. The refund will vary depending on the registration fee paid (see Registration fees above) and the date of cancellation (see below). There are no concession rates for cancellation fees.


Early cancellation (up to and including 12 July 2024)

You may cancel your registration at any time up to and including the closing date of Friday 12 July 2024 and receive a full refund less an administration fee of A$50 (including GST). To cancel, contact the exam administrator: email


Late cancellation (13–26 July 2024)

Cancellations between 13 July and 26 July 2024 (inclusive) will receive a full refund less an administration fee of A$110 (including GST) to cover the higher administration costs incurred after registrations close. To cancel, contact the exam administrator: email


Emergency cancellation or no-show (27 July – 12 August 2024)

Cancellations on or after 27 July 2024, including no-shows on exam day, will only receive a refund in the event of a medical or other emergency. Requests for a refund must be lodged with the exam administrator (email: no later than Monday 19 August 2024. You will need to state your reasons and provide supporting documentation.

The Accreditation Board (AB) will assess refund applications on a case-by-case basis, and payment of a refund is at the AB’s discretion. If the AB approves a refund, the cancellation fee deducted from the refund will be A$260 to cover the administration and per-person costs incurred by IPEd.


Venue iMac computer cancellation fee surcharge (27 July – 12 August 2024)

Exam venue candidates may request an Apple computer (iMac), which Cliftons (the exam venue operator) hires at extra cost per hire to IPEd. In 2024 this cost is A$302.50 including GST. IPEd does not pass this cost on to exam candidates in the registration fee. However, iMac candidates who cancel their registration within 2 weeks before the exam or who do not show up on exam day – that is, once IPEd has committed to hiring an iMac on their behalf – will incur an additional cancellation fee of A$50 (16.5% of the actual iMac hire cost), on top of the emergency cancellation fee of A$260.

All cancellation fees are summarised in the table below.

Category Applicable dates Fee (incl. GST)* Reason for fee
Early cancellation (before registrations close) up to and including 12 July 2024 $50.00 Admin costs for exam coordinators and IPEd staff
Late cancellation (within 2 weeks after registrations close) 13–26 July 2024 (inclusive) $110.00 Higher admin costs (e.g. assignment of candidate numbers, emails providing venue/remote details)
Emergency cancellation or no-show (within 2 weeks of or on exam day, with refund application lodged by 19 August) 27 July – 12 August 2024 (inclusive)
$260.00 Higher admin costs as above and per-person fees incurred for venue/remote arrangements
Emergency cancellation fee surcharge for iMac users (venue candidates only) 27 July – 12 August 2024 (inclusive)
$50.00 Nominal amount towards extra cost of iMac hire
No show and no refund application lodged 27 July – 12 August 2024 (inclusive)
No cancellation fee because no refund given

* All cancellation fees are deducted from the refund of the registration fee paid by the candidate. There are no concession rates for cancellation fees.

The IPEd accreditation exam is proudly sponsored by the Macquarie Dictionary and Thesaurus Online and the Canberra Society of Editors

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