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Open to editors and students engaged in any aspect of editing for online and print publishing.

Become a member

Membership of IPEd is open to editors engaged in any aspect of editing for online and print publishing and anyone with an interest in editing, publishing or a related field, including students.

When you apply for membership of IPEd, you will choose to be assigned to a branch. The branches are responsible for arranging member meetings, events and professional development activities.

Membership is offered for a minimum of 12 months and you are welcome to join at any time. Your membership will start on the date on which your membership application is approved. IPEd membership fees are fully tax deductible if you work as an editor, in-house or freelance.

Before applying for membership, please read the Categories page of the website to determine which category of membership you should apply for and the Membership Fees page.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of IPEd membership include:

  • access to professional development programs across Australia and New Zealand, both through workshops offered by state branches and online training
  • ability to advertise your services nationally as well as by state, via the Editors Directory (for Professional Members only)
  • eligibility for discounted registration fees for:
  • access to the IPEd Mentoring Program, which offers members a two-way learning experience as either a mentor or a mentee
  • job advertisements and industry news, nationally and through the branches, via regular email communication and newsletters
  • being informed of editing prizes and scholarship opportunities
  • access to member-only resources via the IPEd member portal, including book lists, articles about editing, discussion board and member-only discounts on numerous products and services, including the Macquarie Dictionary, the Australian Manual of Scientific Style, The Subversive Copy Editor, and more
  • eligibility for public liability insurance and/or professional indemnity insurance (should you need it) at a discounted rate.

As an IPEd member, you have the opportunity to join the many other volunteers who run the branches, standing committees and working parties. Volunteering is an effective way to increase your industry networks, find out about other areas of editing and improve your skills in many areas, including leadership. Find out more about the work of the committees or see how you can get involved in your branch.

As a member of IPEd you will have the support of an organisation of Australian and New Zealand editors that will advocate for issues such as rates of pay and employment conditions, and raise the profile of editors to all industry sectors.


Editors Directory

The Editors Directory is a searchable list of freelance editors who are professional members of the Institute of Professional Editors.

You can search for an editor who offers the services you need and has expertise in the subject(s) you are writing about. It also enables you to search for editors who can work in a language or languages other than English, or have experience working with authors from non-English speaking backgrounds.

The keyword search is probably the easiest way to find what you need. The keyword search does not enable you to search full phrases, so if you enter ‘international freelance’, entries containing either of the words ‘international or ‘freelance’ will be returned. For example, the text ‘…I have international experience…’ and the text ‘…I am a freelance editor…’ would both match.

If you are seeking a specific editor, use the ‘Editor’s Name’ box. The word or words you type here will be matched with text anywhere in their name, including any post-nominals. The search is not case sensitive. So a search for ‘John’ in ‘Editor’s Name’ will find both ‘John Smith’ and ‘Mary Johnson’; a search for ‘phd’ will find editors with the post-nominal ‘PhD’ and any with ‘phd’ in their names.

Reciprocal Membership

IPEd has a reciprocal membership agreement with the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) in the UK that allows our Accredited Editors (AEs) and Distinguished Editors (DEs) to apply for CIEP professional membership without the need to fulfil their other criteria, and vice versa.

IPEd also has a reciprocal membership agreement with Editors Canada and the US-based Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) allowing members of IPEd to register for Editors Canada and EFA conferences, webinars and online training at the same price as Editors Canada or EFA members, and vice versa.