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Organisational membership is an investment in your business, institution or department and in your employees.

Organisational membership

IPEd’s organisational membership is open to organisations engaged in all aspects of editing for online and print publishing and those with an interest in editing, publishing or a related field, including publishers, tertiary education institutions and government. 

An organisational membership is an investment in your business, institution or department and in your employees.

As an IPEd organisational member, your staff will be part of a strong community of Australian and New Zealand editors supported by a professional association dedicated to advancing the profession of editing, promoting the value of editing and supporting our members, whether freelance, in-house or organisational.

Explore the benefits of an IPEd organisational membership below. 

And review the three categories of organisational membership to determine which one is right for your organisation. 

If you have requirements not covered by any category of organisational membership, please contact us.

Being an IPEd member delivers belonging, credibility and representation.


Membership with IPEd is an open door into a welcoming community of like-minded professionals and invaluable industry knowledge. Tap into a wellspring of support and cooperation and enjoy a range of practical and valuable resources, including member-only resources.


IPEd maintains and promotes core professional standards for editing practice via IPEd standards for editing practice which sets out the core knowledge and skills that are the basis of editing practice. Knowledge and application of the Standards demonstrates professionalism and adds to your credibility.


IPEd ensures members’ voices are heard by governments, regulators, and stakeholders through our industry partnerships and relationships, and via our advocacy. Membership contributes to a stronger voice for you.

We work to advance the profession of editing

IPEd is committed to fostering a thriving industry. We do so by delivering professional development, creating opportunities for the industry to progress and by providing editors a mechanism to demonstrate competence. 

Professional development

IPEd offers a range of professional development opportunities including masterclasses, workshops and presentations. Advance your career and invest in lifelong learning with access to a range of programs across Australia and New Zealand.

Biennial editing conference

Develop your knowledge, progress in your profession and gain new skills from attending IPEd’s biennial conference. The conferences have promoted contact among editors, increased research and development in the profession, and strengthened the industry. Members are entitled to discounted rates.

Accreditation scheme

The IPEd accreditation scheme offers Australian and New Zealand editors a mechanism to demonstrate competence and provides a competitive advantage to potential employers. The next accreditation exam will be on Monday 12 August 2024. Find out more about accreditation.

We promote the industry

A robust, respected and collegiate industry is the goal of IPEd. This is why we invest in and promote IPEd standards for editing practice, why we celebrate our industry with awards and prizes and why we build relationships with international associations.

Awards and prizes

IPEd offers awards and prizes for members who make outstanding contributions to the profession. These awards recognise excellence and celebrate the achievements of Australian and New Zealand editors.

IPEd standards for editing practice

IPEd standards for editing practice sets out the core knowledge and skills that are the basis of editing practice. It also tells employers what to expect from the editors they hire and shows new editors the range of skills and knowledge they should aspire to. It helps IPEd, educational institutions and other training providers to devise material, seminars and courses on editing. And it is the foundation for IPEd’s accreditation scheme.

Reciprocal memberships

IPEd has reciprocal membership agreements with overseas professional associations. These agreements offer benefits and savings for IPEd members such as discounted rates for conferences, webinars and professional development.

We support out members

Our members are at the centre of everything we do at IPEd. We work tirelessly to support Australian and New Zealand editors by sharing knowledge and resources and providing opportunities for community building.

Events and networking 

Gain new skills, expand your knowledge and build valuable connections by attending IPEd’s events and networking with your fellow members. Members are entitled to discounted rates for all events.

Resources and publications

IPEd members enjoy a wealth of free resources and industry updates via our member-only portal. Members also receive full access to IPEd’s monthly e-newsletter, Gatherings and weekly events bulletins.


Develop or share skills through our mentorship programs. As a mentee, learn a new skill or accelerate the development of an existing one with the guidance of an industry professional. As a mentor, develop your leadership and coaching skills and help support the next generation of editors.

Organisational memberships

* Purchase tickets to the IPEd biennial conference at any time and pay early bird prices.

** Entry in the Editors Directory is for the organisation, not for employees of the organisation.

*** Subject to space availability. IPEd reserves the right to decline a job advertisement where all spaces have been allocated in any given month.