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Every two years, one of IPEd’s branches hosts an editing conference.

IPEd Conferences

In 2003, the former Council of Australian Societies of Editors (CASE) began a program of biennial conferences hosted by the state societies with the first in Brisbane. Since IPEd’s establishment, these have been named IPEd conferences, managed in turn by one of IPEd’s branches. The conferences held to date are listed below.

Editors from across Australia and overseas gather to share ideas. The conferences have promoted contact among editors, increased research and development in the profession, and strengthened the branches by developing their management skills and attracting members.

Coming up

The 11th IPEd Editors Conference was held online from 2 to 9 May 2023. The theme was “Futureproofing the profession”. For more information, check out the 11th IPEd Editors Conference website.

Past papers

Read about human rights activist and conference speaker Graeme Innes’s call for editors to help in the fight against ableist language. [PDF 79KB]

Being on the autism spectrum could be an asset for an editor. Author Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin will explore that unconventional thought in her presentation to the 10th IPEd conference. [PDF 58KB]

To access papers from or information about the conferences on this website, click on the links below.

  • 10th IPEd National Editors Conference, held on online and hosted by the Tasmania branch, June 2021, ‘Editing on the edges’
  • 9th IPEd National Editors Conference, Melbourne, May 2019, ‘Beyond the page
  • 8th IPEd National Editors Conference, Brisbane, September 2017, ‘Advancing our Profession
  • 7th IPEd National Editors Conference run in conjunction with the 2015 Australian Conference for Editors, Indexers and Publishing Professionals, Canberra 2015, ‘write | edit | index
  • 6th IPEd National Editors Conference, Fremantle 2013, ‘Editing across borders
  • 5th National Editors Conference, Sydney 2011, ‘New horizons for editing and publishing
  • 4th IPEd National Editors Conference, Adelaide 2009, ‘Getting the message across
  • 3rd IPEd National Editors Conference, Hobart,2007, ‘From inspiration to publication
  • 2nd National Editors Conference, Melbourne 2005, ‘Editing in context’
  • 1st National Editors Conference, Brisbane 2003, ‘After Gutenberg and Gates: gazing into the e-future’