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IPEd’s Mentoring Program offers opportunities for experienced editors to share what they know with their colleagues.

IPEd Mentoring Program

IPEd’s Mentoring Program offers opportunities for editors to learn from other editors: for members to improve their editing skills with professional oversight and feedback from experienced editors. This benefits the editing profession by increasing members’ skills, which in turn helps safeguard the reputation of the profession as a whole.

The program was started as a pilot program by the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) and has grown, in less than 10 years, to a national program, now also including New Zealand. It is open to all financial members, at any level, of IPEd. It was founded by the former joint chairs, Ted Briggs AE and Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE.

To find out how the program works, and to see a list of possible topics for mentoring, please see the Mentoring Program Guidance Notes [PDF 191KB] or watch our introductory video. To register your interest in being a mentor or a mentee, or in attending our next series of informative free online workshops about the overall concepts of the program, please email

The program is coordinated by Elizabeth Beach, PhD AE, who is ably assisted by area coordinators in every state of Australia, the ACT and New Zealand. Between them, they can arrange mentorships, in any location, on any topic related to editing – the skills, professional development or business practice.

You can choose between a standard mentorship ($275, approx 8 hours over 3–6 months) or a mini-mentorship – our short, sharp option that focuses on a specific topic or area of editing ($143, 4–5 hours).

Mentoring is a rewarding activity for both mentor and mentee. If you have skills to share or need expert guidance from an experienced editor, contact us to find out more.

And if you’re ready to apply now, please complete the application form for mentees or the form for mentors and your state coordinator will be in touch soon.