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Information on the accreditation renewal procedure for AEs.

Renewal procedure

Once you pass the accreditation exam and become an Accredited Editor (AE), you must apply to the Accreditation Board (AB) to renew your accreditation every 5 years. To find out when your cohort’s accreditation renewal is due, see the Renewal schedule.

This page sets out the procedure the AB follows to renew AEs’ accreditation, under the following headings:


Notifying you that your accreditation renewal is due

In February or March of the year in which your renewal is due, the AB chair will notify you via email to advise that your renewal is due that year. The AB will also publish reminders in IPEd communications.

When the renewal period opens for your cohort of AEs, the AB chair will send you an email with a link to pay the renewal application fee, after which you will receive a link to the online application form. The renewal period runs from 1 May to 31 July each year.

If you believe your accreditation is due for renewal in a particular year and you haven’t received an email by May of that year, please contact the AB chair:

Institute of Professional Editors

Completing your accreditation renewal application

To apply to renew your accreditation, you must pay an application fee and complete the online application form during the renewal period of 3 months from               1 May to 31 July.

The online application form includes guidelines for completing the form. For application criteria, see the Renewal requirements page.


Application fee

Each time you apply to renew your accreditation, you must pay a renewal fee. The current fee is A$220 including GST. (Note: GST is not payable if you live outside Australia.)


Late applications

IPEd does not accept late applications. If extenuating circumstances apply, you may ask the AB chair’s permission to make a late application, but your request must be made before the closing date. Such permission may be granted at the discretion of the AB.


Missed or unsuccessful applications

If you don’t apply to renew your accreditation when it is due, or your application is unsuccessful, you may apply for reaccreditation the following calendar year. If your application is approved, your accreditation will last until your own cohort’s next renewal date.

For example, if your renewal is due in 2024 and you miss renewing or are unsuccessful, you may apply in 2025 instead. If your application is approved in 2025, your accreditation will last for 4 years, until 2029, instead of 5 years.

If you don’t apply to renew your accreditation for 2 consecutive years, or your applications are unsuccessful for 2 consecutive years, you must resit and pass the accreditation exam if you wish to regain your accredited status.

Assessing accreditation applications

Each application is assessed by an approved assessor who is either a Distinguished Editor (DE) or an AE.

The assessor may contact you for further information, and may ask for evidence of a claim if the claim cannot be independently verified. For details of suitable evidence, see Renewal requirements.

Notifying you of your assessment result

You can expect to be notified of your assessment result within 2 months of the application closing date. Some assessments may take longer if assessors have requested further information.


Successful applicants

If your renewal application is approved, you will receive a new certificate of accreditation and may continue to describe yourself as an IPEd Accredited Editor and use the postnominal “AE”.


Unsuccessful applicants

If your renewal application is not approved, you have 3 courses of action open to you:

  1. Submit a formal appeal within 2 weeks of the notification – see the appeals procedure below.
  2. Apply again in the next calendar year – this will give you a year to undertake enough activities for a better application.
  3. Accept that you are no longer accredited.



Appeals procedure

To be valid, an appeal about a renewal assessment must:

  • be in writing to the AB chair (
  • be made within 2 weeks of you being notified of your unsuccessful application for renewal
  • outline the reasons for the appeal.

On receipt of a valid appeal, the AB chair will appoint a different assessor and an AB member (neither of whom is applying for renewal of accreditation in that year) to conduct a second assessment of your renewal application. You will be notified of the second assessment result within 3 weeks of the AB chair receiving the appeal. The appeal decision will be final.