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8th IPEd Conference

8th IPEd Conference

Editors Queensland hosted the 8th IPEd National Editors Conference in Brisbane, 13–15 September 2017, with the theme ‘Advancing our Profession’.

Below is a list of all the proceedings. Linked papers are available for public view; IPEd members are able to access all the papers and the full proceedings via the Member Portal.


Panels and Forums

  • Accreditation panel
  • ANZSI panel
  • Building Alliances panel [PDF 416KB]
  • Emerging Leaders forum
  • Freelancing panel
  • Mentoring panel
  • Thesis editing panel

Rosie Award


  • The value of cross-linked scientific information in the age of digital publishing – Ahmad, M, Tetreault-Campbell, S, Gallant, S, Schmidt, B, Cox, S, Stenson, M & Car, N
  • Design for meaning: how editors and designers work together to create infographics – Angus, H
  • Developing ourselves, developing our authors – developmental and structural editing of fiction in the US (Beatrice David Editorial Fellowship) – Blay, A
  • The Index of Unreadability – Bryan, P
  • Everything you need to know to get started with screencasts – Cadman, A & Devadas, M
  • Editing for education in a digital world: A view from the publisher perspective – Challenor, K & Flick, L
  • Everyday agreements and contracts for editors – Copas, R
  • Thesis editing guidelines: Do they meet students’ expectations and reflect current practice? – Cottier, C
  • Baby boomers and millennials – Graham, S
  • Giving science a style makeover – Irish, J
  • Editors as political activists: Professional editing in a ‘post-truth’ age of ‘alternative facts’ – Nix, L
  • Carving strong relationships: The power of friends in creating niche publications – Parker, S
  • Writing as an editable feast: Being an editee – Petelin, R
  • Editing work with Indigenous content – Phillips, S & Lucas-Pennington, G
  • Embracing the future: Technologies to transform the business of being an editor – Riches, PD
  • Residential Editorial Program (REP) – Sheahan-Bright, R
  • How will editors adapt in an evolving digital future? – White, S