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From the Standing Committee on Awards and Prizes

Nominations for the 2025 Rosanne Fitzgibbon Editorial Award will open on 1 August 2024.

Known as the Rosie, this prestigious biennial award honours the memory of Rosanne Fitzgibbon DE (1947–2012) – a distinguished editor of literary fiction, nonfiction and scholarly work in literary studies.

The Rosie recognises editorial excellence, as demonstrated in one published work, with testimony from the work’s author, publisher and editor.

Cathy Vallance won the Rosie in 2023 for her editorial work on Zana Fraillon’s novel The Way of Dog (UQP). The other past winners are editors Johannes Jakob (2021), Julia Carlomagno (2019) and Jacqueline Blanchard (2017).

The 2025 Rosie will be awarded at the 12th IPEd Editors Conference to be held in Adelaide next year.