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From the Accreditation Board

Candidates for IPEd’s accreditation exam will be gearing up for the event on 12 August. If you are a candidate this year, you have probably been honing your editing skills with revision, workshops, study buddies, studying your chosen style manual and even mentoring.

Some of you may be feeling nervous, some may be feeling overwhelmed, and some may even be looking forward to it.

Here are some tips to prepare yourself for exam day.


A few days before 

For venue candidates, a few days before the day, double-check the location and time of the exam. Plan your travel to and from the venue: how you’ll get there, where you can park if you drive, how long it will take and what time you need to leave home to arrive in good time. For remote candidates, ensure you have read all the instructions carefully and set up your physical and digital exam environment correctly.


The night before

The night before (Sunday 11 August), gather everything you will need and place it by the front door (venue candidates) or on your desk (remote candidates). Include:

  • your photo identification
  • your candidate number
  • the reference books you wish to use
  • your bound notes (no loose or handwritten notes are permitted), including your plan of attack with timings
  • a standard non-programmable calculator
  • scribble paper and pen
  • any items you need for your comfort during the exam (e.g. extra clothing, ear plugs, lumbar support)
  • drinks and (quiet) snacks.

Drinks and snacks will help keep your brain going. Water is the best source to keep you hydrated, but you may prefer a thermos of herbal tea, for instance. Include a few treats to reward yourself after you’ve finished a part of the exam that you’re happy with. If your exam venue is not near a food outlet, pack a light lunch.

Check the weather for the next day and get out an umbrella, raincoat or light knee rug if appropriate. Go to bed in time to get plenty of rest.


On the day

On the day, enjoy a hot shower and eat a healthy breakfast. Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. You may wish to go for a walk in the fresh air or do other light exercise. Pack any final items you need, pick up your bag by the door and leave in plenty of time to get to the venue, allowing for public transport changes or finding a car park. Allow time to eat a light lunch.

See our June Gatherings article, “What’s it like in the exam room”, for more information about the Cliftons exam rooms. Once in the room, acclimatise yourself to your workspace. The invigilators will step you through how to prepare the exam files. Use your reading time well to choose which K-part sections you will answer and acquaint yourself with the requirements of the M and L parts. Plan the order of your work and stick to your plan.

The most optimal preparation you can do is mental. Don’t panic! Remember, the exam tests your competence, not your excellence. If you are thinking of the exam as a terrifying ordeal, why not think of it instead as a brief you’ve been given by your favourite employer that you need to finish within three hours. Whether you work on fiction or academic theses or are a whiz at grammar, there should be at least one section of the exam where you can enjoy showing off your particular editing or professional skills. And do remember to breathe! Deep breathing can energise the brain and calm the nerves.

If you are sitting this year’s exam but have not yet registered, the closing date for registration is Friday 12 July.

Good luck to everyone sitting the exam on 12 August. IPEd wishes you all well!


Accreditation renewal reminder

A reminder to AEs in the 2009 or 2014 cohorts who wish to renew their accreditation, the closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 July. Please contact your branch AB delegate if you have any questions.