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Registrations for the 2022 accreditation exam are now open. See the 2022 exam registration page for details on fees, closing dates, registration procedure and policies.

The Guide for candidates, updated in January 2022, covers everything you need to know about this year’s exam, including changes to the advice on the style manual (see page 11).

One change is that this year, all candidates will have access to two digital style manuals, the Australian Government Style Manual and the Biotext–Macquarie Australian Manual of Style (AMOS). If you want to practise using AMOS before the exam, remember that IPEd members receive a discount on subscriptions (details in the member portal).

The Guide contains some exam tips and strategies, but candidates who really want to optimise their preparation should register for the first of the Accreditation Board’s online exam-prep workshops series. Click here for bookings and more information.


By Dr Linda Nix AE
Chair, IPEd Accreditation Board