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From Editors Victoria

A record number of people booked (125) and attended (85)—records for both—EdVic’s latest Zoom Cuppa. It was a book launch of Dr Renée Otmar’s Editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion: A guide for professional editors (2nd edition), published by Cambridge University Press (CUP). It was a free one-hour event that was introduced by EdVic’s President, Margaret Trudgeon, and CUP’s Academic Senior Development Editor Lauren Magee; moderated by EdVic’s Outreach and Projects Officer, Ann Philpott; and facilitated by interviewer Thirangie Jayatilake, EdVic’s Inclusion and Access Adviser. Attendees were eligible for a free book giveaway in a prize draw and a 20% discount off the purchase price of the book for a limited time.

An excerpt from the book’s front matter states:

Editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion is a guide for professional editors, providing evidence-based definitions, recommendations and support for emerging and experienced editors working with fiction and non-fiction genres.

  • Part One introduces the foundations of professional editing and what editors need to know to conduct themselves well in professional contexts.
  • Part Two applies this knowledge to professional practice, covering topics such as plagiarism, literary and cultural appropriation, critical appraisal, and developing a workplace policy and style guide.
  • Part Three explores an extensive range of topics relevant to editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, including addiction, dependence and recovery; class and socio-economic status; indigeneity; religious, spiritual and other belief systems; sex and gender identity; and trauma and torture.

Written by Dr Renée Otmar DE, a professional editor with more than 34 years’ experience, this book is available in paperback and ebook formats at Cambridge University Press and is an invaluable reference book for every working editor.

Editor’s note: In the October issue of Gatherings, Kerry Davies AE reviewed Dr Renée Otmar’s, Editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion: a guide for professional editors