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By Helen Bradford AE

If you’re looking for a new and interesting challenge, consider taking a turn on IPEd’s Accreditation Board next time the opportunity arises.

Each IPEd branch can nominate one of its AE (Accredited Editor) members to be its delegate on the Accreditation Board. As a member of the Accreditation Board, you get involved in setting policy and helping to administer IPEd’s accreditation scheme. This includes the accreditation exam and the renewal of accreditation that all AEs must undertake every five years. You also have the chance to represent the views of your branch on accreditation and help your branch to hold the accreditation exam in your area.

EdANZ started in 2019 and, as one of only three AEs in Aotearoa New Zealand at that time, I became the first EdANZ delegate on the Accreditation Board. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Accreditation Board and learnt a lot in the process. The board is professionally run and the board members – past and present (there have been a few changes since 2019) – are a great bunch of people to work with.

Since joining the Accreditation Board I’ve been involved in:

  • managing registrations for the 2020 exam
  • invigilating the first-ever accreditation exam in Aotearoa
  • promoting the accreditation scheme to editors in Aotearoa
  • contributing to policy and operational matters related to the accreditation scheme
  • speaking to groups and organisations about the accreditation scheme
  • managing the Accreditation Board’s financial reporting.

After more than three years, it’s time for me to pass on the baton to another AE. I thoroughly recommend the role to someone who wants to learn more about accreditation and have the opportunity to influence an important part of IPEd’s member services.



Accreditation Board thanks Helen Bradford for her service

By Dr Linda Nix AE, AB chair

We are sad to be losing Helen Bradford AE from the Accreditation Board as she has been a very productive and cheerful member of our team. It has also been invaluable having our horizons broadened by considering the Aotearoa perspective on a range of policy and procedural decisions.

There is a vacancy on the Accreditation Board now, and there will be another in April 2023 when my own term as NSW delegate expires, so I invite any AEs or DEs interested in joining the Accreditation Board to contact me directly: