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From the committee

The EdNSW committee met on 8 February for its monthly meeting via Zoom, with one apology.

Minutes of the January committee meeting were accepted and actions from previous meetings reviewed.

Written reports received included:

  • presentation schedule
  • branch budget commentary
  • mentoring
  • news

A report was received from our branch executive member who attended the Board and Branch Presidents’ meeting on 31 January 2021.

Reports were received from our delegates to the Accreditation Board and the Communications Standing Committee. 

The position description and the advertisement for the committee role of Professional Development Delegate were worked on during the meeting. The PD delegate will be our branch delegate to the IPEd Standing Committee for Professional Development (SCPD) and will also organise our branch workshops. The role may be shared by two people. Please contact Susie Pilkington at to register your interest or for further information.

Our speaker presentation on 1 February was Editing practices for a culturally safe editing profession. Cultural safety with First Nations Australians was the focus of Mark Lock’s presentation. (See report in the General Interest section in this issue of Gatherings.) Mark generously offered to share his slides, on CC BY 4.0 principles. Please contact Kai Jensen if you would like a PDF copy of Mark’s presentation.

Three new IPEd Associate members joined the branch in January.

Our financial position remains sound. Our consolidated budget performance, year-to-date at 31 December 2021, achieved a net surplus of $2,283. Preparations have begun for our 2022–23 budget.

By Paul Anderson and Russell Noakes


New members

EdNSW is pleased to welcome the following new associate members:

Erin McFayden, Nicole Sutherland and Kelly Rigby.


By Kaaren Sutcliffe AE


Many EdNSW events will continue to be held via video conference using Zoom.

Members are urged to check their email for the latest information on any event.

Bookings via the IPEd Events webpage.

There is no speaker event planned for April. 

Details of our next event are below.

The heart of editing a romance – speaker presentation

Date: Tuesday 3 May 2022, 7.00 pm AEST
Location: online via Zoom
Details: TBC
Presenter: Wendy Davies
Bookings: will be publicised closer to the event