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By Kerry Davies, Chair of the Pay and Conditions Standing Committee

The fair hourly pay rates for self-employed editors, first released in 2020, are an important guide for editors and clients. The Pay and Conditions Standing Committee (PCSC) has updated the rates for self-employed editors on the IPEd website. We have also updated the underlying tables on indicative business expenses and calculation of rates based on equivalent employee salaries, available to members in the member portal. Log in to the portal and view them under Resources for editors, Pay rates for self-employed editors.

For employee editors, we have updated material in the member portal, including links to articles of interest to all editors, but especially in-house editors. Log in to the portal and check Resources for editors, Pay rates for employee editors.

We’re very happy to note that the Small Press Network is actively promoting our 2023 guide, Working with self-employed editors: A guide for clients.

Are you a member of MEAA?

As part of our work to increase pay for employee editors in the Book Industry Award, we have been conferring with the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA), the union that has jurisdiction over the award. We’d like to find out how many IPEd members are also members of MEAA to strengthen work on our mutual interests. If you’re a member of IPEd and MEAA, please contact me at