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Celebrations at the farm

EdTas members posed for a group photo.

Some Tasmanian editors after a splendid day out in the country.

For the past few years, EdTas has held its pre-Christmas festivities in the midlands, to give members from both ends of the island an opportunity to attend. In 2019 and 2020, that meant lunch at the Man o’Ross Hotel.

This year, members and families instead gathered at Tunnack, where Sue Scott and her husband raise fat lambs. It was a beautiful spring day and we all contributed to a feast that included spring rolls, chicken curry, mushroom lasagne, home-made cheese, raspberry ice-cream and chocolate mousse. 

Sue’s house dog, Bridie, offered cuddles, while watching attentively (but unsuccessfully) for scraps. We also met the farm’s working dogs, Rosie and her niece Rusty. Clementine the house cow did not deign to meet us — the lush green grass in the far paddock was much more interesting.

After lunch, we discussed work, politics, families and more until it was time to head homewards.

Until next year!