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By the Pay Rates Working Party

The Pay Rates Working Party maintains a database of publicly advertised editor salaries to track pay rates over time and across editing sectors. An updated version has recently been published on the IPEd MemNet portal for members to access.

The database now contains salaries for editing jobs advertised from November 2019 to July 2022. It is downloadable as a spreadsheet, which can be sorted by sector, organisation, job title, salary minimum, salary maximum, superannuation, package, location or date entered. The spreadsheet also lists current and past pay rates from the Book Industry Award and the Penguin Random House Enterprise Agreement.

Most of the jobs in the database, especially those in universities and government, pay above the award. Unfortunately, most editing job ads posted by publishing houses do not include a salary or editorial level under the award and therefore cannot be included in the database.

Members can find a link to the database in the members portal. Once you have logged in, go to Resources for editors > Pay rates, self-employed editors > Equivalent annual salary income.

This is provided as a resource for members, to help them compare editor pay rates among sectors, employers and over time. It is not intended as a job-hunting resource.