Registrations for the IPEd accreditation exam close on 22 July 2022.


From the President

by Caroline Simpson AE

Kia ora to you all.

Another Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) will have been and gone by the time you read this and the first meeting for our changed committee will be on 2 November. 

The old guard is thrilled to have the support of new volunteers and committee members. I am so pleased to be working again with our continuing committee members — people who have become good friends in trying times.

The whole crystal-ball-gazing business is a mess of broken shards at the moment, so we continue to plan our online events and dream of a time when we can reliably plan in-person events. The Auckland catch-ups listed in the Coming events section are, of course, totally dependent on restrictions at that time. We have a Zoom hui with a mental health theme in November, and in December we have plans for an online Christmas event — something fun because we can all do with some light-hearted times.

Planning is in progress for the 2023 conference. The conference committee is formed and the first meetings have been held. There is much to consider, not least being recommendations passed on following the 2021 conference, hosted so ably by EdTas. When we have a set date, we will let you know. The committee decided on the theme, ‘Future proofing’, in late 2019. It seems prescient now as we all think more about how we must respond to the changes COVID-19 has brought to us and our work practices.

Our country is facing huge challenges at the moment and I expect there will be more to come. I hope you continue to look after your physical and mental health and have a good network you can rely on. When planning this month’s Zoom hui, we wanted to give you the chance to focus on strategies that will help you get through. I hope to see some of you there and learn from your collective wisdom.

Noho ora mai

Caroline Simpson, EdANZ Branch President

New member

We welcome new Associate member, Kura Rutherford.

Accreditation exam news for Kiwi editors 

When is the exam?

The Accreditation Board is busy planning for the next accreditation exam, which will be on Monday 22 August 2022.

Where can I sit the exam?

For the second time, candidates will be able to sit the exam in Wellington. From a quick poll, 14 Kiwi editors expressed interest. We’re excited to see growing interest. In future we hope to have enough candidates to add an extra venue. 

What does it cost to sit the exam?

The fee has not been finalised but is likely to be similar to the fee for the 2020 exam (A$750). The cost is cheaper if you are resitting the exam, or if you register early and get the early-bird discount. 

Do I need to be an IPEd member to sit the exam?

Yes, you do. Running the accreditation scheme is a big investment for IPEd and the volunteers who make accreditation possible. Earlier this year, the Accreditation Board agreed that becoming accredited should be a benefit afforded to IPEd members only. If you are considering sitting the exam and are not an IPEd member, why not join now? That way you’ll start getting all the other benefits of membership sooner.

What support is available to prepare for the exam?

IPEd will be offering four foundation-skills workshops in November. The workshops cover  three key areas assessed by the accreditation exam: style sheets, author queries and copyediting. This is a great opportunity to start brushing up your skills early. Details will be released shortly — don’t miss out.

In 2022, IPEd will also offer exam-preparation workshops, which provide tips and strategies on preparing for and completing the exam. Expect more details about these nearer the time.

IPEd members can apply for a mentor through IPEd’s mentoring program. This is a great way to get one-to-one tailored support to help prepare for the accreditation exam. 

Finally, IPEd members can request membership of the Secret editors’ IPEd study group. This is a Facebook page where members can access resources, discussion and support to help them prepare for the accreditation exam.


Sensitivity and diversity workshop

by Deborah Shaw

Over two Saturdays, we explored what editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion looks like in 2021, with Dr Renée Otmar guiding us.

The workshop went beyond editing by introducing us to cognitive bias and the anchoring effect, and how that can affect us every day, whether we’re buying a car or editing a manuscript. Renée also discussed the importance of cultural safety and creating spaces where knowledge and experience can be shared in a safe environment.

We looked at what can go wrong in the publishing process, using the response to Kate Clanchy’s Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me (2019) as an example. Through a fun (if somewhat stressful!) roleplay, we discussed how racist and offensive language could make its way through the many layers of commissioning, structural editing, copyediting and proofreading — and still end up in print. We discussed ways to prevent such situations from happening and the importance of listening to those who raise criticism. The exercise was an enlightening demonstration of why the publishing industry needs diverse editorial voices.

We discussed the role that sensitivity readers and beta readers can play in the editing process and how, as editors, we can advocate on behalf of the reader should the author be reluctant to use them.

Finally, Renée encouraged us to ask ourselves what editing for inclusion could look like in our own editing businesses, and what questions we should ask at the start of each new project. Editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion is ever-changing, so keeping up to date with current language, reading widely and constantly learning is essential for all editors.

Coming events

Mental health Zoom hui

Date: Tuesday 16 November 2021

Time: 7.30pm NZDT

Venue: Zoom

We’ve all been doing it tough for some time now. And whether in or out of lockdown, editors can be isolated in our work, making it difficult to know where to look for information or who to reach out to for help.

This Zoom hui aims to provide a safe, friendly space where you can share the tips and tricks you have found to help you when things are hard. You can also learn from the experiences of others and hopefully build or expand your support network among fellow editors. 

We’ll randomly assign you to three Zoom breakout rooms over the course of the hour, giving you different topics to discuss in each, under the overall umbrella of mental health. We’ll also give you some lighter questions so that you can get to know one another better, and we’ll send you all the topics and questions in advance so you have time to think about them. Everyone will have useful knowledge to share, whatever their level of editing experience may be.

Note that this session will not provide professional advice. Rather, it is intended to be a space where you can share ideas and meet others in an informal, mutually supportive forum. After the event we will provide attendees with a list of resources we have found useful for our mental health, combined with additional information suggested during the session.

Cost: NZ$5/AU$5 (member or affiliate); NZ$7/AU$7 (non-member)

Wellington editors catch-up 

Date: Tuesday 7 December 2021

Time: 11am

Venue: Frank’s Coffee and Eats, 116 The Terrace

All Wellington region editors are warmly welcomed to the bi-monthly editors catch-up.

If you haven’t come before, these are relaxed, informal get-togethers over a coffee with a friendly bunch of fellow editors, and we love to welcome newcomers. Hope to see you there.

Please RSVP to Liz at

Cost: Free (purchase your own drinks and food)

Auckland editors Saturday catch-up 

Date: Saturday 11 December 2021

Time: 2pm 

Venue: Galbraith’s Alehouse, 2 Mt Eden Road, Eden Terrace

If, by some miracle, we are at level let’s-go-to-the-pub, we will have a seasonal celebratory drink at Galbraith’s. 

Any editors are welcome, whether Auckland residents or visitors. We’re a friendly bunch and always welcome new faces.

Bookings for this are vital because numbers will most likely be limited by restrictions. Please RSVP to Caroline at

Cost: Free (purchase your own drinks and food)

Branch Christmas party 

Date:  Tuesday 14 December 2021

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Zoom

Save the date so you can celebrate the end of the year with your fellow eds. Some sort of fun will ensue. 

Auckland editors Friday catch-up 

Date: Friday 11 March 2022

Time: 11am

Venue: Amano, 66–68 Tyler Street, Britomart

Please note we will attempt this catch-up in March next year. Surely third time lucky?

Come along and enjoy the delights of an Auckland autumn morning from the comfort of Amano. 

Any editors are welcome, whether Auckland residents or visitors. We’re a friendly bunch and always welcome new faces. Please RSVP to Caroline at

Cost: Free (purchase your own drinks and food)