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At the 11th IPEd Editors Conference in May 2023, several IPEd Special Interest Groups (SIGs) were formed. These add to the established “SciFliers” group, for science editors, and provide more opportunities for members to connect with peers in specialist fields.

Below is an update on what is happening with each Special Interest Group. 

Academic editing: 

Ann Philpott is the coordinator of this SIG and they had their follow-up meeting on 23 August. The academic editing SIG will use the IPEd discussion board with tags for academic editing discussions. If you wish to join this SIG, please email Ann Philpott at

Fiction editing: 

The fiction editing SIG held their first meeting outside of the May Conference on Tuesday 29 August 2023. If you would like to join this SIG, please email Jess Gately at for information on their next meeting.

Government editing: 

Catherine Jeffreys is on holiday and reports: “I’ve been working on the directory, which is of local, state, territory and federal government entities that retain lists of preferred providers for editorial services. The idea is that freelance editors can apply to be on these lists of preferred providers and generate work that way. The number of potential government entities is enormous, so it will take me some time to complete – I’ll keep you posted.” Please email Nicole Mathers at if you are interested in this SIG.

Legal editing: 

Linda Nix is the coordinator and will aim to get a list of members who are legal editors to IPEd by September. Please email Nicole Mathers at if you are interested in this SIG.