Registrations for the IPEd accreditation exam close on 22 July 2022.


The results of IPEd’s survey of members in April 2021 are now available in a report here.

The survey was designed by IPEd’s Pay Rates Working Party to gather data on editors’ work and income and inform advocacy for members. It is the first survey of IPEd members on their income and work arrangements since IPEd became a national organisation and the establishment of our Aotearoa New Zealand branch.

Many thanks to the 36% of eligible members who responded, with a higher response from Professional members than Associate members. The survey asked questions about editing work and income in the financial year 2019–20. Many results are reported separately for self-employed editors and for employee editors, by membership category, and by country where appropriate. 

A key finding is the diversity of work arrangements for editors in both editing hours and income from editing. There was pleasing awareness of IPEd’s fair hourly pay rates released in June 2020.

The rich comments provided by members, reported in the appendices, highlight the diversity of circumstances that may have affected responses for 2019–20 and the difficulties in capturing the diversity of editors’ professional work in a survey.

The results will be used to inform work by IPEd’s Pay Rates Working Party, other IPEd committees and IPEd staff.

More information

The survey report is available for members here. There is also a discussion thread on the IPEd Discussion Board to discuss the results or answer any questions. Previous survey reports are available here.

Dr Rhonda Daniels AE, member, Pay Rates Working Party