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2022 accreditation exam and workshops

Registrations for the 2022 accreditation exam are now open. 

Please check your email for a separate notice or visit the exam registration page of the website for details. 

To assist with exam preparation, the Accreditation Board will run at least two series of online workshops. These will cover topics like the exam structure, strategies and resources, and include exercises with practice questions. 

The first series will be in March — to book, please check your email for a separate notice or go to the events page of the website. 

Please note, the accredited skills copyediting workshops are not exam prep workshops; rather, they provide training in the core editing skills that are assessed in the Manuscript part of the exam. 

We remind all AEs that they have already proven their competence in these core editing skills and ask that, in an exam year, they do not take up limited places needed by editors who have yet to pass the exam.

Dr Linda Nix AE
Chair, IPEd Accreditation Board