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By Donald Ritchie 

In late August, the experienced editor Sarah JH Fletcher delivered the interactive workshop “An Introduction to Ebook Editing”, held over two engaging sessions. This session was organised by Editors Victoria as part of our professional development offering. 

Sarah skilfully guided participants into the world of ebooks, emphasising the need for editors to transition from traditional to digital editing mindsets. She also underscored the importance of understanding the typical ebook workflow, including various roles within digital publishing. Other key aspects of the workshop included learning essential terminology, navigation of the EPUB format, and strategies to ensure both the quality and validity of EPUB content.

With the support of pre-workshop advice on suitable free software, the workshop provided participants hands-on training to recognise common ebook issues, adeptly navigate and unpack EPUB files, and efficiently correct minor errors. Additionally, Sarah provided invaluable assistance by responding to participant questions between the workshop sessions.