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Annual Branch Meeting 2023

By Paul Anderson

The Editors New South Wales (EdNSW) Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) was held on 1 August 2023 via Zoom, with three apologies. Thank you to those branch members who were able to join us for the in-conversation event with author (and former editor) Garth Nix, and the ABM that followed.

Here are some highlights from the ABM:

Branch report

By Elizabeth Beach AE (on behalf of branch Secretary, Julie Ganner AE)

Elizabeth presented an overview of the year for the branch and thanked the outgoing committee and delegates to the national committees.

“The EdNSW branch committee rallied together this year to keep things running smoothly despite being without a president or vice-president for the 12 months. We shared presidential responsibilities and took turns to chair meetings and represent the branch at IPEd events.”

“We’ve been delighted to see the return of [more of] our social networking events … with members appreciating the opportunity to meet face to face with their fellow editors.”

“We look forward to welcoming some fresh faces to the [2023–24] committee so we can continue to provide [our] members with a varied program of events and other services over the coming year.” 

Branch activities

Committee members gave brief reports on activities for the past year and overview of plans for the next 6 to 12 months.


By Kai Jensen AE and Kirsty Arnold

“We held 6 [speaker events]. Two presentations were on the themes of obtaining editing work for government departments (both well attended); another on succeeding as a freelance editor … Our other 2 presentations, on the state of play with the Australian Government Style Manual [and on good grammar] were [also] very well attended. We’ve been planning suggested presentations in 2024 and will bring a proposal to the first meeting of the new branch committee.”

Member networking

By Olivia Wroth

“We … held 6 editors’ lunches: in Hornsby, Bathurst, Blue Mountains, Coffs Harbour, Chatswood and Wyong … A total of 33 editors attended the lunches, though some of us attend as many as we can, so this includes some double-up in numbers.”

“The lunches are a fantastic way to connect with fellow editors. Many of us work alone at home and miss out on social interaction with colleagues, so this is a way of filling that gap. I encourage all editors to attend a lunch or dinner; you’ll be surprised at how valuable and validating it is.”


By Elisabeth Thomas and Paul Anderson

“IPEd’s Gatherings continues into its third year and EdNSW has been well represented as a contributor of content to our transnational newsletter, providing the branch and the wider IPEd community with useful and interesting reading matter. We published 30 items in the period covered by the September 2022 to the July 2023 editions of Gatherings.”

“A particular highlight – [our speaker presentation] articles were 2 of the 10 features in Gatherings across the past 12 months: the ‘Defamation [law] for editors’ event report and the farewell to Susie Pilkington.”

“And a gentle reminder: Gatherings has an open invitation to all members to contribute content. So please feel free to submit content or pitch ideas to us.” 


By Elizabeth Beach AE

“We had applications from 3 NSW branch members to be mentees. A huge thanks to our 9 NSW branch members who were mentors for mentees from across Australia and New Zealand: Vicki Snowdon, Rhonda Daniels, Veronica Green, Jacqueline Kent, Jess Cox, Linda Nix, Melissa Faulkner, Sally Asnicar and Kaaren Sutcliffe, especially those who took on multiple mentees.”


By Louise Merrington AE

The 2022 accreditation exam was held on 22 August 2022. Among the 32 successful candidates, there were 6 from the NSW branch and another 4 new Accredited Editors joined the branch. There are now 122 Accredited Editors in NSW and the ACT who are members of EdNSW.


By Russell Noakes

Our Budget Officer Russell presented a comprehensive financial overview for the branch, that concluded with:

Consolidated financial estimates to July 2023

Full financial year performance: we had a $1,440.40 surplus against a budgeted deficit of $3,126.94, which was $4,567.34 better than budget.

Included in the figures above, the consolidated figures for branch events amounted to a surplus of $3,845.26 against a budgeted surplus of $1,184.02, which is $2,661.24 better than budget. [The surplus was largely generated by our speaker presentations.]

Results of committee elections

Returning officer Dr Rhonda Daniels AE announced the election of the following voting members to the new committee:

  • Dr Elizabeth Beach AE
  • Angela Damis AE
  • Julie Ganner AE
  • Dr Kai Jensen AE
  • Russell Noakes
  • Giuliano Sterrantino
  • Angela Terrill
  • Elisabeth Thomas
  • Gaye Wilson.

Invitations to non-voting members

Julie invited the following non-voting members to join the new committee:

  • Paul Anderson
  • Kirsty Arnold
  • Debra Hicks
  • Aria-Joshes Keeshan*
  • Ruth Power.

There being no questions, the ABM was formally closed.

*Aria-Joshes Keeshan has since withdrawn from the committee.


From the committee

By Paul Anderson and Justine Dixon Cooper

The EdNSW committee met on 8 August for its monthly meeting via Zoom, with two apologies. This was the first meeting of your new committee for 2023–24.

Minutes were accepted (without amendment) for:

  • the July committee meeting
  • the Annual Branch Meeting held on 1 August 2023.

Written reports received included:

  • branch financial reports for the May and June months
  • budget commentary with financial estimates to 31 July 2023
  • IPEd Director’s update
  • speaker presentation schedules (confirmed for 2023; and proposed for 2024)
  • our representative’s report from the IPEd Board and branch presidents’ meeting of 31 July.

The main items of business were to formalise the new committee and to elect the branch president and a branch executive.

We are delighted to announce that Julie Ganner AE is our new President. Julie did an incredible job as branch Secretary over the last three years, and so much else “above and beyond”. It also cannot go unremarked that this will be Julie’s second term as branch President. There may be no-one better qualified for the role. Thank you, and congratulations, Julie.

The other roles assigned to the committee members were:

  • Budget Officer: Russell Noakes
  • Secretary: Angela Terrill
  • Presentations Coordinator: Dr Kai Jensen AE 
  • Professional Development Officer: Debra Hicks
  • Mentoring Coordinator: Dr Elizabeth Beach AE
  • Networking Coordinator: Ruth Power
  • News Editor: Elisabeth Thomas
  • News Writer: TBC
  • Communications Officer: Angela Damis AE
  • Zoom Assistants: Kirsty Arnold, Gaye Wilson*
  • General support: Paul Anderson

The committee composition includes two branch-appointed ex-officio voting members:

  • Justine Dixon Cooper: IPEd Director
  • Louise Merrington AE: Accreditation Board delegate.

Thanks to all the members who nominated for this year’s committee, and a large-hearted welcome in particular to those who will be serving on the committee for the first time. Our capacity has been strengthened further.

Thanks finally to outgoing committee member Olivia Wroth.

The committee will hold 11 monthly meetings per year (excluding December). Our next meeting is scheduled for 12 September 2023.

*Gaye Wilson has since withdrawn from the committee.