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By Mark Taylor


Within the grid highlight three solutions which make up most of a film title embodying the broad theme of the crossword, and two solutions which identify one of the film’s co-stars.


1. Smoothes surface for parking on narrow streets (6)

5. Feathers thrown in spirit of dejection (8)

9. Drip ran over, splashing one part of shower (8)

10. Carpet shoe (6)

11. Old wheels cool by metric rethink (12)

13. F-bomb causing first change to new music style (4)

14. Sip gin and most of rum cocktail in rebellion (8)

17. Order ‘pig hash’ for breakfast dish (8)

18. Flat, yet not. Odd? (4)

20. Got up, flushed to see the day as Pollyanna might? (4, 8)

23. Birthday party game hung up, including pin a tail on the donkey (6)

24. Secured crazy deal in option limits (6,2)

25. One’s sent off, tied up with little support (8)

26. A measured farewell (2,4)



2. Metal cable  (4) 

3. New King moons about over old Queen: he won’t light up (3-6)

4. Sunday rip off – getting tea without a brownie? (5)

5. Laze around after retirement, giving room for one to get up and go (9, 6)

6. The anxious cried out for the combatants (8)

7. American’s lollies tin cleaned out daily (5)

8. First to go ashore in thin material? She’s a Scottish islander! (10)

12. Put together, I’m nuts! Crazy about ‘ole jalopy’ (10)

15. Herb seen to get along at a good rate! (9)

16. Recommend, for the most part, consuming a drink for medicinal purposes (8)

19. Coaches crash in transit, uncoupling in junction (6)

21. Tax department shows hesitation in front of lyric muse (5)

22. Holy book found in the loo (4)