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By the IPEd Accreditation Board

While everyone is anxiously awaiting the results of this year’s exam, we thought we’d share some of the comments from the post-exam survey sent to all candidates. The survey includes questions asking candidates to rate various aspects of exam preparation activities, exam resources and the exam environment (among other things), but also includes space for open comments. Full analysis of the survey responses will be included in exam reporting at the end of the year, and the Accreditation Board will use the feedback to explore improvements for the next exam.

As all responses are anonymous, we can’t provide the names for the comments extracted – too bad for the last one below!

“I should have brought a sandwich!”

“There was plenty of emphasis on the need for good time management during the workshops, which turned out to be very true!”

“I enjoyed being able to meet other editors before the exam, and having it in an external venue meant I wouldn’t be interrupted. (I have a young child, so doing it at home would be harder.)”

“It was a good genuine exam experience and good to meet other people.”

“[The invigilators, named] were all accommodating and flexible in responding to my needs throughout the exam, and they were attentive to timekeeping.”

“Everyone was welcoming, calm, helpful and professional. Explanations were very clear.”

“Extra reading time would have helped.”

“I would have preferred a shorter perusal [reading time] and for the extra time to be added to the exam.”

“Thanks for all the work that goes into this!”

“Superb job! Hats off to all involved. It was such a large amount of organisation and effort.”

“Please pass me.”