by Tina Morganella 

As a writer as well as an editor, it’s hard for me not to “fangirl” gush about Pip Williams’ presentation. Pip gave a fascinating account of writing The dictionary of lost words, from idea to final draft. She gave us a glimpse into events influencing her research journey in Oxford: the birth of the Oxford Dictionary, the suffragette movement and the upheaval caused by war and changing societal attitudes. 

Pip also spoke at length about her relationship with her editor and publisher, and how their input and guidance made a critical and positive difference to the strength of her characters and the story. In particular, it was clear how much Pip valued and appreciated the editor’s role and how much she trusted their relationship to improve her work. 

Pip was eloquent, generous and charismatic, and easily held the rapt attention of the 90 or so attendees. It was a privilege to listen to her speak and humbling to hear her acknowledge the pivotal role of an editor in the creative process.  

Tina Morganella is the EdSA Events Coordinator.