by Dr Rhonda Daniels AE

IPEd’s Standing Committee on Academic Editing (SCAE) has summarised the thesis-editing guidelines and policies of New Zealand universities to help members. The overview of the eight universities, with links to the policies, is available as a PDF on the members-only IPEd portal here.

Other resources on academic editing on the members-only IPEd portal here include:

  • a two-page sample agreement for thesis editing, with notes on how to use it
  • resources on quoting and agreements, verb tense, plagiarism and editing referencing lists
  • an article on the Australian Government’s legislation to deter editors from providing academic cheating here.

Resources for potential clients and members on academic editing on the IPEd website include:

Contact SCAE via secretary@iped-editors.org.

Dr Rhonda Daniels AE, SCAE member