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From the EdsQ Committee


In our last online speaker meeting on 4 October, presenter Kirsty Ogden encouraged us to reach out to professionals in related fields such as design to forge useful alliances. At our next meeting, on Wednesday 1 November, Renée Otmar DE talked about ways of looking beyond our editing horizons, this time to diversify our editing portfolio

If you are in or near Brisbane, come to our next social event: our annual End-of-Year Dinner, to be held on Saturday 25 November at 7.00 pm in the Albion Hotel. Partners welcome. Give the year a great send-off together, in person. Make sure you book on the IPEd Events page.

On Sunday 22 October, EdsQ hosted its first-ever Spring Sunday Lunch (pictured above) at the beautiful Gardens Café in the City Botanical Gardens. Eight people attended, seven of them editors. There was a great deal of sharing, brainstorming on topics for speaker meetings and workshops, and exchange of information, all in a lively, collegial atmosphere. 

Can you support Editors Qld?

How would you like to help EdsQ coordinate professional development (training workshops, approximately two per year)? EdsQ is very pleased that Poppy Solomon (pictured below) is joining us as one coordinator of professional development, but Poppy would like some support.

Welcome, Poppy! Our PD coordinators will be part of an enthusiastic, mutually supportive IPEd-wide team coordinating PD in the Standing Committee for Professional Development (SCPD). 

Do you like organising social events? Our social events coordinator for Brisbane, Annette Seargent, has done a great job this year, but she will be stepping down from the role in December. Each year, we generally hold a January picnic, an end-of-year dinner, and a few other get-togethers in between. You might like to plan a new kind of meet-up. For each event, the coordinator finds a suitable venue (the branch committee provides ideas if needed), books it and prepares a booking sheet for IPEd. The coordinator lets the venue know the numbers at the appropriate time and organises a couple of little things on the day. People pay for themselves. That’s all. Sound like your cup of tea?

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these positions. You won’t be sorry! Contact Glenine at