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By Linda Nix AE, chair, on behalf of the IPEd Accreditation Board

The Accreditation Board is pleased to announce the results of the 2022 accreditation exam, held on Monday 22 August 2022. Of the 60 candidates who sat the exam, 32 passed (53%). The new Accredited Editors (AEs) are, by branch affiliation and alphabetical order of surnames: 

Aotearoa New Zealand: Deborah Shaw

New South Wales: Veronica Green, Erin McFadyen, Prudence Rhodes, Marita Jane Smith, Niki van den Heuvel, Kim Wilson

Queensland: Louise Michelle Merrington, Rafaela Novelli, Annette Sergeant, Jessica Turley

South Australia: Lauren Kathleen Fisher, Bridgett Bonnie McDonald, Michael Savvas

Tasmania: Nina Giblinwright, Morag Porteous, Heather Ruth Stanton

Victoria: Senaai Leigh Chapple, Meaghan Coyle, Bronwyn Hislop, Maria Humphries, Jo-Anne Pamela King, Kate McGregor, Tee Mitchell, Nelson Mok, Chelsea Joy Mullens, Karen Valentine, Debra Joy Wain, Lauren Webb

Western Australia: Karla Forrest, Martin Lindsay, Katherine Mills

The next exam will be in August 2024 on a date yet to be determined.