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Would you love a backstage pass to some of the best training and most interesting speakers an editor could dream of? Or is bringing your special interests and skills to bear on the direction of the editing profession more your style? You’re in luck! IPEd is currently recruiting Professional Development (PD) volunteers.

If you’re a student or emerging editor, a Zoom whiz, or would enjoy a hands-on role delivering PD, consider joining our new PD Support Crew. For this exciting initiative we’re recruiting a team of volunteers to assist workshop and event hosts across IPEd.

As a member of the PD Support Crew, you’ll be expected to attend an average of one Zoom activity each month, where you’ll take care of tasks such as admitting participants, checking attendee names and monitoring chat. While you may be called on to help troubleshoot technical or related problems, many workshops and events run smoothly, allowing undistracted (and free) access to some great opportunities for your own professional development.

A woman looks to the camera, she's smiling and has long brown hair, green earrings and wears glasses. Behind her, is the image of a large grey dragon.

IPEd’s Jenn Zabinskas may be familiar to some members from her onscreen appearance with her fantasy dragon background. Image: Supplied.

Closer involvement with IPEd is also a great way to build skills in professional collaboration – the kind of soft skills recruiters value. Jenn Zabinskas has been part of a Zoom production team with IPEd’s Victorian branch for several years. As she explains: “It helped me to build my confidence, not only with teamwork and networking, but also to have the courage to take on a bigger role within the branch committee.” She recommends it as “a great first step to get familiar with committees and the work they do”. And if you’re concerned about overcommitting, don’t worry. Jenn advises, “It’s also great for people who want to contribute and be part of the team, but don’t have the time to take on a larger role.” For more details, check out the Expression of Interest call here.

IPEd is also seeking members to join its Standing Committee on Professional Development. Members with expertise relevant to workshop delivery or other planned projects are especially encouraged to apply. SCPD will be presenting a range of workshops over the coming year, as well as supporting branches in their PD work. Other upcoming SCPD projects include conducting a member survey, developing an affiliate framework and developing training resources. SCPD aims to ensure quality PD is available for editors at all stages of their careers, and across the industry, both freelance and in-house. For more details, check out the Expression of Interest call here.

Both roles can be found in the Volunteer Vacancies board in the online Member Portal, or for further queries contact the PD Director Stephanie Holt (