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Residential Editorial Program – sponsorship opportunity

To support editors to access valuable professional development opportunities, IPEd will sponsor an editor to attend the 2022 Residential Editorial Program (REP), presented by the Australian Publishers Association.

IPEd members who have applied and been offered one of the 15 positions available are welcome to apply to IPEd to have up to $2000 AUD of their associated expenses reimbursed or paid on receipt of expense-related receipts or invoices. This covers the $1800 fee for the REP and contributes $200 towards other expenses, such as travel.


Applicants for IPEd sponsorship must be IPEd members and able to demonstrate:

  1. Evidence of an offer of a place in the REP or proof of an application to the REP, on the understanding that the sponsorship will only be available to those chosen to attend.
  2. Why they would otherwise be unable to afford the expenses attached to the REP (e.g. freelance editor, staff member in a small press, not offered any other scholarships or employer-funded support).
  3. Confirmation that if funds are supplied, they will attend the program and provide IPEd with a short article and feedback about professional learning.

Applications should be submitted no later than Tuesday 21 December 2021 to (i.e. after successful REP applicants have been notified). If more than one application is received, funds will be divided between eligible applicants. Applicants will be contacted by Wednesday 22 December 2021 to confirm or request more information.