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IPEd is pleased to announce the opening of the IPEd Bookshop, on the Amazon platform.

IPEd is trialling Amazon because it offers a way to deliver a bookshop that doesn’t rely heavily on staff or volunteer resources. Amazon will handle shipping and customer service for IPEd and, in many cases, purchases will attract free postage.

The idea of the IPEd Bookshop was first raised in the lead-up to the Hobart Conference this year, as a way to build a permanent service instead of having to recreate it each time.

The books currently available are those IPEd could negotiate trade discounts for, based on a list of bestsellers at the Melbourne Conference book stall in 2019. As the IPEd Bookshop progresses, we’ll look at expanding the titles, potentially get the IPEd brand onto the site, and negotiate additional discount options for members.

Members are welcome to recommend professional development titles about editing by emailing

The name ‘IPEd Bookshop’ is a working title, and a future name change will be considered with member input.

IPEd is trialling the bookshop and the Amazon platform in the leadup to Christmas. This is an ideal opportunity to stock up for yourself or to send gifts to friends or family members in the editing profession.

IPEd understands Amazon is not everyone’s preferred choice for various reasons; however, this is a trial and the platform’s customer-facing service is generally good, with refunds processed quickly.

Go to IPEd Bookshop or paste the full link into your browser.

Happy shopping, and we welcome your feedback on this work in progress to