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The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) is delighted to announce that Stephanie Holt has been appointed Chair of the board.

Stephanie replaces Ruth Davies, who was appointed in May 2020. Ruth will remain on the IPEd board.

“It’s an honour to step up as Chair of the IPEd board, and to succeed Ruth Davies, who has helmed the board so ably over the past three years,” Stephanie said.

“Ruth steered us through the creation of our current strategic plan and the shift online for not one but two national conferences and COVID, always responsive, approachable, considered and meticulous. Always supportive, she kept a finger on the pulse of IPEd’s many branches, committees and projects. I hope I can bring the same qualities to this work.

“I’d also like to acknowledge former Victorian Delegate Lan Wang and current Editors Victoria president Margaret Trudgeon for facilitating my move to the board, and the volunteers and staff of IPEd, who make such terrific colleagues.”

In discussing her appointment, Stephanie highlighted the importance of IPEd’s voice in an ever-changing landscape.

“These are challenging times for the profession. AI is reshaping our work, even as editorial expertise remains often misunderstood and undervalued. IPEd’s advocacy is vital as we strive to grow our membership, support important research, promote best practice in editing and publishing, and deliver quality professional development to the sector.”

Stephanie was previously deputy chair of the IPEd board (appointed in February 2023) and was President of Editors Victoria from September 2020 to February 2023. She has been an active member for 20 years, volunteering with not only the Victorian branch but also with IPEd’s awards and prizes standing committee and accreditation exam teams. In addition to her work with IPEd, Stephanie currently works as head of operations for Overland literary journal. Before that, she was with RMIT for many years as a teacher and manager in their writing and editing programs while maintaining a freelance editing practice.

Outgoing Chair Ruth Davies said she was grateful for the support of members and IPEd staff and volunteers during her tenure.

“I was and am humbled by the privilege of the role of chair and I thank the members for their enthusiasm, engagement and support. While my time as chair coincided with the pandemic, I’m pleased that we continued during that time to support members and the profession of editing.

“I look forward to supporting Stephanie in the role of chair. She brings a lot of experience both in the profession and in IPEd and I know IPEd will thrive under her leadership.”

IPEd CEO Karen Lee warmly welcomed the new Chair.

“Stephanie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role and I am looking forward to working with her to further IPEd’s mission. I have no doubt that her tenure as Chair will be productive and successful.”

Karen also expressed her gratitude to outgoing Chair, Ruth.

“Ruth’s dedication to IPEd goes above and beyond. She has been a champion for members as well as for IPEd staff. In particular, I want to highlight Ruth’s commitment and resolve as IPEd navigated the rough waters of COVID. With her support we were able to steer IPEd through some challenging times, including delivery of our first and second online conference.”