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President’s report

by Margaret Trudgeon AE

This is a busy time of year for many editors, and I’ve been working away at proofing some educational books in readiness for their June deadlines. When I get the chance I’ve been enjoying sitting out in the sun, although I’m starting to notice an autumn chill in the morning air.

There’s been quite a bit of work going on behind the scenes at Editors Victoria in preparation for an upcoming speaker event and some more PD workshops.

Copyright is an issue that many editors come face to face with in their daily working lives. To help us out, on 21 May Editors Victoria is hosting “Where to find answers to copyright questions”. Our guest speaker, Eileen Camilleri, is CEO of the Australian Copyright Council (ACC). The ACC is an independent, not-for-profit community legal service dedicated to promoting understanding of copyright law and its application. Eileen will be discussing the resources and services that the ACC offers to Australian editors, writers and other creatives. She’ll explain where to find information and advice on a range of copyright matters.

In late May, there will be a re-run of Nadine Davidoff’s popular workshop “Editing point of view in fiction and narrative non-fiction”. Check out the Friday IPEd events bulletin for further details. There are also plans afoot for an AI workshop to be held a bit later in the year.

Our Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) is currently being organised for the evening of Wednesday 3 July. This is when we ask Victorian members to elect our new committee for 2024–25. Please let me know if you’re interested in joining the committee (, as there will be a couple of vacancies. We’ll be sending out our usual communication to members about this over the next couple of months. Directly after the ABM we’ll also be hosting an entertaining online event, which will be free for Victorian ABM attendees. We’ll open up bookings to all other states and Aotearoa New Zealand too. No spoilers yet, but next month we should be able to make an announcement!

In the meantime, keep enjoying those sunny days!

New members

Welcome to last month’s new members.

Professional members: 

  • Brooke Clark
  • Caroline Marquiss Richards
  • Allison Patterson

Associate members: 

  • Nicole Hanssen
  • Amy Collins
  • Ian Gray
  • Christopher Jesse Allan

Student and graduate members: 

  • Andrea Jane Bergman

Why sit the IPEd Accreditation exam?

by Susan Pierotti AE

Earlybird registrations for IPEd’s accreditation exam close on Sunday 2 June. For those Victorian editors who are thinking of sitting the exam, here are some ways that the accreditation exam could benefit you.

  1. Already have an editing qualification? So do doctors and accountants, but they are required to pass regular accreditation assessments. Why not beef up your degree by being accredited by your industry association?
  2. I have found that clients are impressed by working with an Accredited Editor. It engenders a certain degree of immediate trust.
  3. The exam provides high quality professional development opportunities. Studies in such aspects of editing as grammar and spelling, author queries and style sheets, editing a document, or brushing up on copyright and legal issues are never wasted. There is plenty of training for the exam provided by the IPEd Accreditation Board in the months prior to the exam.
  4. Having been accredited by IPEd gives you a higher profile among IPEd members and other industry professionals. Other editors will feel more confident passing on overflow work to another editor if that person is an Accredited Editor.

If you are considering sitting the accreditation exam, this is a gentle reminder that you need to register. Registering at the earlybird rate by 2 June could save you as much as $100, and there is provision for people finding payment or location difficult. Any questions? Email Victoria’s Accreditation Board rep, Susan Pierotti AE, on