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From the committee

by Camilla Cripps

The Editors NSW committee held its monthly meeting over Zoom on Tuesday 9 April 2024, with 9 attendees. The committee thanks Russell Noakes, our budget officer, for chairing the meeting in the absence of Branch President Julie Ganner AE. Minutes of the March committee meeting were accepted and actions noted. The April meeting had a high administrative/governance focus, as this month sees us bid farewell to our committee secretary, Angela Terrill, and our current Zoom assistant, Kirsty Arnold. Both Angela and Kirsty have dedicated many hours of service to the committee and Editors NSW is very grateful. Two new Zoom assistants were appointed in a job-share capacity, and we look forward to formally welcoming them soon. Other administrative topics included archiving records, planning for our committee elections in August, and attending Book Fair Australia in November.

Last month saw our presentations coordinator, Dr Kai Jensen AE, speak on how editors can secure work with universities. Kai’s passionate presentation garnered very positive reviews from an impressively large audience. You can read more in this issue of Gatherings. Don’t forget we have “Pervasive and problematic: editing trauma in the Australian context” with Camilla Cripps on 4 June.

Ruth Powers, our networking coordinator, is working tirelessly behind the scenes to arrange our July dinner. There are many exciting plans in the works and we will let you know about those soon.

Meanwhile, March networking events were hosted by Emmanuelle Botte, who held a brunch in Surry Hills in Sydney’s inner suburbs, and Dr Lou Merrington AE, who arranged an online meet-up for neurodivergent editors. This Zoom event was a huge success, and we hope to organise regular meet-ups to continue the conversation. A brunch is planned for the New England Armidale area on 13 April and a lunch at Glenhaven in north-west Sydney on 3 May.

To round out our meeting, the committee heard updates from members of the Standing Committee on Professional Development, the Accreditation Board and the IPEd Board.

Networking event report: Editors’ brunch at Surry Hills

By Emmanuelle Botte

We had a small group at the IPEd brunch in Sydney on 22 March, but it’s not always about numbers. Lilla, Olivia and I met for the first time, so it made for a lively and lovely conversation, during which we shared knowledge about our specific areas of expertise. We all had very different stories to tell, with Lilla working in legal editing, while Olivia and I specialise in life sciences (medical, veterinary and environmental). Being relatively new to IPEd, I got a lot out of this meet-up, and very much enjoyed the support of long-term IPEd members. We look forward to meeting again in the coming months.

Above: Editors’ brunch at Surry Hills. Photo: Emmanuelle Botte.