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Jacki FerroSpeaker Jacki Ferro started by discussing what is and isn’t a memoir and pointed out that a memoir is about both the outcome – the memories and learnings of a person – and the process – how the person shares their most intimate memories and experiences. A reader of a memoir wants to learn something, or gain insights into the struggle for meaning or belonging of the person. Jacki talked about the variety of levels of involvement – some memoirs are largely an editing task while others involve her writing along with the author.

She discussed her three “Rs” of writing and editing in the memoir space: 

Remember, Research and Reflect. 

Some of her general guidelines: 

  • Develop and express your personal philosophy in such work.
  • Maintain the author’s voice.
  • Show the pain and pleasure in equal part.
  • Write inclusively; there are many things to avoid.

Jacki walked us through several steps in writing and editing a memoir, as guidance for editors, including:

  • Encourage the author to reflect, to distil their insights.
  • Research with the author (searching questions) and general background.
  • Ruminate with the author, without putting words into their mouth.
  • Distil order from chaos to consolidate.
  • Ensure authenticity in characters and stories.
  • Provide detailed coverage of suggestions and points for the copyediting part of the process.

She wove through her presentation her experience in working with Rhonda Collard-Spratt on Alice’s daughter, a memoir of a child of the Stolen Generation.

There were many questions from IPEd members, for Jacki to answer.

Several gems emerged in her presentation; such as:

  • Only work five hours a week on any manuscript.
  • Have a reader crying and laughing at the same time.

IPEd members who registered have been advised how to access the recording of Jacki’s presentation, Crafting raw memoirs, on 6 April 2022; access to this recording is available to other IPEd members through the listing in Events.