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From the Mentoring Standing Committee

The IPEd Mentoring Standing Committee is looking for new committee members to help run and grow the Mentoring Program. 

“We’re looking for people passionate about developing our profession and sharing the wealth of knowledge within the editing community,” said Elizabeth Beach, PhD AE and Chair of the IPEd Mentoring Standing Committee. 

“Mentoring is a rewarding activity for both mentee and mentor but the Mentorship Program also benefits the editing profession by increasing members’ skills, which in turn helps safeguard the reputation of the profession as a whole. And that benefit extends to the committee members.”

The committee is looking for people to fill the following roles: 

  1. Data officer – to conduct mentorship check-ins, send out feedback forms, and collate data for annual reporting and conference presentations.
  2. Marketing officer – to implement marketing strategy with the IPEd Communications Officer and ensure the committee’s work is presented regularly in Gatherings, on social media and on other platforms.
  3. Development officer – to develop strategies for growing the program, including sponsorship or partnership arrangements.

The committee also welcomes other volunteers who would like to join the committee as general members, providing backup and ad hoc assistance as required.

“Committee members can come from any branch. We also have representation from the Canberra Society of Editors,” Elizabeth said. 

“If you’re interested in steering the Mentoring Program into the future and willing to get involved in its day-to-day management, we’d love to hear from you.”

The time commitment is only a couple of hours a week on average, and the committee meetings are once a quarter.

For more information, please contact