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From the committee

An opportunity to contribute to IPEd and work as a team

IPEd’s Standing Committee on Professional Development (SCPD) is asking Editors Queensland to find an IPEd member affiliated with EdsQ to represent EdsQ on the SCPD.

What does this mean? If this is you (we’d love it to be!), it means you will:

  • convey information in both directions: from the SCPD to the EdsQ management committee and from the committee to the SCPD
  • assist the SCPD in organising training workshops, as feasible.

This is a great opportunity to work as part of an IPEd-wide team, bringing in whatever skills and creativity you have, and maintaining the vital communication link between branch and standing committee. You do not have to be in Brisbane, because most meetings are held online.

For expressions of interest, please contact Glenine.