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As the world speeds up and we are pressed to do more in less time, Word macros are here to help.

Macros are programming scripts that automate tasks, and increase your productivity and accuracy while editing in Word. They help editors earn more money in the same time frame. They also help reduce repetitive strain.

If you’re looking for excellent and free resources which help explain and use macros, we would recommend:

For those who want live guidance from a couple of macros experts, we originally had a two-part online workshop “Macros 101: Boost your productivity” on offer this month, but it has since been booked out! To join the waiting list in case this workshop is repeated, please email Nicole Mathers. This hands-on workshop series covers how to incorporate macros into your daily editing. It’s open to editors who have little to no experience using macros. No programming skills are needed to use macros. If you can copy and paste, you can use macros. PC and Mac users are both welcome.

Led by copyediting and macros instructor Jennifer Yankopolus, from our affiliate organisation, the Editorial Freelancers Association, the workshop is centred around a library containing hundreds of macros by macros expert and freelance technical editor Paul Beverley. You’ll be guided through the process of installing macros and assigning them shortcuts, and you’ll practise using some of the most popular macro tools.

Other topics covered include how to know what macros you should use, where to find the macros, and how to combine macros with other editing tools, like PerfectIt. There will be plenty of time for questions, and to reinforce your skills between sessions, practice exercises will be provided.

Day 1 will be a presentation by Jennifer. Day 2 will be a Q&A with Jennifer and Paul Beverley himself to answer questions and offer tips. This Q&A will allow participants to discuss their progress, and explore new areas, building on day 1. Please note, this two-part workshop series will not be recorded and attendees need to be able to attend both sessions.

At the time of writing this article, the dates of the two-part workshop were 7 and 21 June. However, the workshop has since been booked out. The presenters may will be available to do a repeat this year; however, those dates have yet to be confirmed. Please add your name to the waiting list in the event that a repeat workshop is offered.


Date: Wednesday 7 June and Wednesday 21 June 2023, 7.30 am to 9.30 am AEST (booked out)
Location: Online via Zoom
Bookings: Original booking link was via the member portal. To go on the waiting list for a possible future repeat of this workshop, please email Nicole Mathers.