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Accreditation Board news

Next accreditation exam

As part of an IPEd plenary held before the 2021 conference, the Accreditation Board will announce the date of the next accreditation exam. The Accreditation Board suggests all those thinking of sitting this exam to start reviewing the requirements for the Language, Manuscript and Knowledge parts, consult the exam preparation resources listed on the IPEd website and undertake training and development to acquire or update their core editing skills and knowledge. 

Conference presentation on accreditation

Ever wondered why and how IPEd came to have an accreditation scheme, and why and how the exam came to be in its current format? Find out at the Accreditation Board’s conference presentation on assessing professional editing skills for accreditation. 

AE renewal reminder

The Accreditation Board reminds AEs who are due to renew their accreditation this year that applications are now open. If you were accredited in 2011 or 2016 and have not received an email inviting you to renew, please contact Nicole Mathers ( or the AB Chair ( The closing date is 31 July 2021.

Dr Linda Nix AE
Chair, IPEd Accreditation Board