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By Christine Atkinson, Communications and Style Standing Committee

The website redevelopment project has been progressing based on feedback received from members last year. The project group includes members of the Communication and Style Standing Committee as well as IPEd members with extensive website development experience.

Member feedback has been analysed and the Communication and Style Standing Committee and website redevelopment working group are making changes. These include a project to proofread the website and bring it into line with the revised IPEd style guide, to make content changes, and to review the menu structure.

During May, IPEd members were invited to participate in user testing, including a card sorting activity and a treejack activity. These activities provided excellent feedback on how members use the menus and where information is expected to be located.

Thank you to the 100 members who completed the card sorting and 119 members who completed the treejack user testing. This feedback confirmed that on the whole the overarching menu structure is logical; however, there are some opportunities for improvement.

There is still a lot of work to be done, including making the changes based on member feedback and the user testing; addressing accessibility issues, including images and making pdfs accessible; and ensuring that each page has good metadata to improve searchability. This work is expected to be completed over the next three to six months.

If you have any questions or additional feedback about the website redevelopment, please contact