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From the committee

by Camilla Cripps

The Editors NSW committee kicked off 2024 with its first meeting for the year, held via Zoom on Tuesday 16 January. There were five apologies. We thank our president, Julie Ganner AE, for chairing the meeting so efficiently.

The branch had a restful and positive summer season, with our January networking lunch well-attended. Thank you to Sally Asnicar AE for hosting lunch at Manly Fratelli Fresh. There are networking lunches planned for Cheltenham, in north-west Sydney, in February and for Moruya, on the New South Wales south coast, in March. We look forward to seeing you there. A reminder for attendees to ensure they have sufficient cash on hand to cover their lunch, with many venues now refusing to split the bill.

Are you a member currently residing overseas? EdNSW Networking Coordinator Ruth Power is investigating the demand for an online networking event for our offshore members – please drop her a line if this is something that would interest you.

Our presentations coordinator, Dr Kai Jensen AE, reported that presentations for the first half of 2024 are now confirmed, with sessions on working in academia (2 April), diversity (May), and trauma-informed editing (June). Dr Louise Merrington AE will host an online networking event for neurodivergent editors in March. Please check IPEd Events.

The EdNSW branch farewelled our mentoring coordinator, Dr Elizabeth Beach AE, and our communications officer, Angela Damis AE. Liz will remain as the chair of the IPEd Mentoring Committee, which has moved to a new centralised model. Honorary Life Member (and former Society of Editors NSW president) Robin Appleton has offered to return to proofreading our branch articles for Gatherings as a non-committee member.

Along with those farewells, the committee welcomed our new branch news writer, Camilla Cripps. Camilla has taken over the address and will see you all at our branch professional development events and committee meetings.


Manly lunch

by Julie Ganner AE

Eleven of us enjoyed lunch at Fratelli Fresh in a busy Manly on 12 January. It was a hot afternoon, so we did our best to keep cool with plenty of iced drinks and catching the light sea breeze as it occasionally wafted in through the window.

As well as some familiar faces, it was lovely to be joined by several new members. Judging by the lively chat, which was continuing when I left, everyone enjoyed networking with their IPEd colleagues – and that is what these events are all about.

A group of people sit around a long table in a restaurant. There are plates of food, drinks and water jugs scattered across the table. It's daytime and light comes through a large glass window on the left hand side.

Clockwise from left: Angela Damis, Lindy Ferris, Julie Ganner, Tim Erieau, Louise Scahill, Olivia Wroth, Kirsty Arnold, Charle Malycon, Ingrid Van Steenwyk, Emmanuelle Botte, Susie Pilkington. Photo: courtesy of Julie Ganner