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From the President

By Caroline Simpson, EdANZ Branch President

Kia ora to you all.

Did you take a long summer break? I hope you did because it looks like we are in for a storm. As I write this – running right up to the deadline – the dry summer in Auckland has given way to humid rain, and the country as a whole starts its first day at the red setting. 

Various experts and politicians have been talking about making a personal plan. We need to add a business plan to that.

Most editors are well placed to work in isolation and we have all done it before. However, this time you need to think about what will happen if you fall ill. How will that affect the work you do for your employer? If you’re a freelancer, how will you communicate about the situation with your clients? Do you have colleagues in the editing world you could hand over your clients’ work to, if necessary? How will you manage the accounting side of your business? Whether you’re a freelancer or employed, how would someone get access to your computer and know where to find your files? 

The answers to these questions, and the many more I haven’t asked, form part of an insurance package for your business or your position. Keeping this information current is your “premium”. My wish for us all is that we won’t have to call on our insurance.

At EdANZ, the committee will do everything we can to bring the same events and support to you, the members. We have documentation and shared knowledge that will help us, in a squeeze. Please remember we are all volunteers, trying to keep up with our own work and personal responsibilities, so patience is appreciated. 

I look forward to seeing you at coming events – most likely online – and wish us all more sunny days ahead.

Noho ora mai

Caroline Simpson, EdANZ Branch President

New members

We welcome new professional member Elizabeth Webeck and new associate member Liz Colyer

Farewell number one

Kimberley Davis has been the Editors Aotearoa New Zealand Director on the IPEd Board and board member for Aotearoa New Zealand on the IPED Board for the past 16 months. She also held the position of vice chair of the Board. Her valuable knowledge of the publishing industry in our country helped her put across the unique Aotearoa New Zealand perspective. 

Six months ago, Kimberley gave birth to her second child; her combined family and work commitments now mean she can no longer hold her position on the Board. She knows how much we have valued her contribution of time, knowledge and enthusiasm – but just in case she has forgotten, thank you, Kimberley! We will miss your smiling face at the committee meetings. 

Farewell number two

Ryn Yee is standing down from the committee role of newsletter coordinator. Ryn volunteered to pick up the role a couple of years ago and quietly got on with things in the background. She oversaw the consolidation of our newsletter content through the change from producing our own bi-monthly local issue to an IPEd-wide monthly newsletter. Ryn has always been understanding of Caroline’s inability to meet a deadline and never complained – an admirable trait for the role! 

Now some changes in her personal and work commitments mean Ryn has had to stand down from her committee role.Thank you, Ryn, for your reliable backroom work for the branch. We are sad to see you go, but know that wherever poetry pops up in the conversation, you’ll be there.

So-o-o that means…

… we are looking for more people to help. The roles of board representative for Aotearoa New Zealand and of newsletter coordinator are now vacant. To find out more about these, contact Caroline Simpson right now at

Coming events

This year we have plans for some great events. Your EdANZ events group is just getting back into gear and we will get information out to you soon so you can start planning your networking and PD for the year.