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The IPEd board recently approved the organisation’s strategic plan for 2023–26. 

The five strategic priorities are: 

  • Standards
  • Membership
  • Support for the profession
  • Focus for the organisation
  • Advocacy and education 

Under these five strategic priorities, the strategic plan highlights the importance of ongoing professional development, diversity and inclusion, and industry advocacy. 

IPEd CEO Karen Lee said the process of developing IPEd’s strategic priorities was informed by the evolving nature of the industry and the need for IPEd to continue to advocate for and support editors. 

“As we work in an environment that sees rapid technological advancements like AI, editors are no strangers to the changing nature of what’s required of them and IPEd will be right there with them to make sure they are kept up-to-date with the latest developments.

“I’d like to commend the board for setting the priorities in this third cycle of IPEd’s strategic plan. The board and I have had some great discussions on positioning IPEd into the future, ensuring members are at the heart of everything we do in Australia and New Zealand and also focussing on amplifying IPEd’s financial viability over the next three years.”

Chair of the board, Stephanie Holt said the strategic plan would be a valuable resource, ensuring IPEd’s continued support of and contribution to the industry. 

“A strategic plan represents significant work across the whole of IPEd to pin down priorities for the immediate future, and to guide the board, staff and committees, who are to be commended for their careful participation in this process. 

“The new plan shows a commitment to ongoing reflection and improvement. We are a lean organisation, so we need to proceed wisely to best deliver for members while supporting staff and volunteers, and ensuring our offerings remain vital and current. 

“A strategic plan is also a way to ensure we have an organisation-wide response to emerging issues, such as AI and its impacts.’

Review the full Strategic Plan for 2023–26 on the IPEd website.