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By Editors Western Australia

On Thursday 14 September, editors and industry guests gathered at the City of Perth Library for a casual cocktail-styled event with light nibbles and refreshments and an opportunity to build rapport and build lasting relationships.

Industry professionals in attendance included publishers, members of local writing centre committees, research academics, postgraduate supervisors and government publishing workers, all of whom took the opportunity to engage with IPEd members, ask questions about our work, and make connections for potential future work.

Also available for guests to peruse were resources such as the Books without barriers document, the IPEd Standards, the IPEd Guide to working with self-employed editors and the Guidelines for editing research theses, IPEd-branded bookmarks with QR codes linking to the IPEd directory, and an array of editing books and style guides to demonstrate the variety of materials we use and work from.

Thank you to all those who came along and talked to our guests.