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This little tale from Western Australia could serve as an inspiration to other branches – or simply inform you that WA has finally caught up! 

Picture this: 5 large boxes (35 individual files) of historical records stored in various homes (or garages) of individual committee members since the 1990s – a treasure trove to historians but a burden to everybody else.

Thankfully, on our approach, the State Library of Western Australia welcomed the records – carefully organised by a volunteer – as an addition to their collection.

The files are a slice of IPEd’s rich history, with the oldest individual piece of data dating back to 1993. While that might not sound ancient, in the digital age, preserving physical records is an art form in itself.

With the files now safely housed in the State Library (with our gratitude and appreciation), a new chapter of accessibility and preservation begins – and our editors can park their cars once again!