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By Mark Taylor



1 In ‘Shook-up Shop’, Tim found a place to pogo (4,3)

5 Bronco bucking after cowboy’s first American pipe (7)

9 Characters from the Lower Urals are rustic (5)

10 Fleeting ecstasy, acid score altering real around the edge of the material (9)

11 They’re doing it wrong! Make solvers erase first solution (10)

12 River extremists (4)

14 Making fortunate discovery in basin in Tranquility (11)

18 Sheer luck, mostly, replacing one in short-lived production (11)

21 Take one of these and shove off in the US (4)

22 The full price for 18 plus admits Elsie first and then Spike (10)

25 A rubric: ‘Abracadabra’ conjuring old curiosities (4-1-4)

26 African flower found in zone travelling west is less ordinary (5)

27 Flower fruit wine is fashionable (7)

28 Please get seated, first in sequence final year (7)


1 You’d be mad to lose more than one of these (6)

2 Place of worship, no longer new, taking in five to hear confession (6)

3 Old man stumbles over first parts of early synoptic text in overwritten manuscript (10)

4 Cheeky dance move, not right, needing a minor adjustment (5)

5 Find agreement here between company and ‘new’ church (9)

6 Arab ruler turned back for ice (4)

7 Author’s first in crime: her regular is staging treachery in England (8)

8 Look after learners on board bus to Target (5-3)

13 Tether on the reef say, and take the plunge (3,3,4)

15 A stout journey: there and back again (5,4)

16 Where to find a lawyer during (and after!) the trial (2,3,3)

17 British street artist, we hear, lifting SA bloomers (8)

19 Scots’ Classic Plate has one horse turning up in it (6)

20 Wise, we hear, circling noble at annual happening (6)

23 Saddle-up on US location (5)

24 Clean wake (4)



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