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From the President

by Stephanie Holt

August’s letter is being written just as Victoria goes into lockdown once more. Playing the COVID hokey-pokey is a wearying game. One foot in, one foot out, locked down, not locked down, a bit too much turning around … I hope it’s not been unduly challenging for you, especially for those editors who have school-aged children to manage as they work, or who live alone. (I’ve found the ABC news banner describing hyphenated ‘locally-acquired cases’ a distraction of sorts — but not in a good way.)

We ran our Annual Branch Meeting (ABM) via Zoom to a somewhat shell-shocked audience, just a couple of hours after a snap lockdown was called. Thanks to the committee and our Admin Officer, Donna Quinn, it went off very smoothly. The full reports on our activities over the last year are reproduced later in this newsletter. It was great to be able to share a reflection of the year with members in this way, and we were thrilled to have so many participating. Thanks to our returning Officer Philip Bryan for presiding over the formalities.

Your 2021–22 Executive Committee, by declaration, is:
Stephanie Holt, President
Jane Fitzpatrick, Vice-President
Margaret Trudgeon, Secretary
Marnie Hannagan, Budget Officer
Bridget Blair, Communications Officer
Marie Pietersz, Events Officer
Claire Kelly, Professional Development Officer

We are joined by Susan Pierotti as Accreditation Board representative, Maryna Mews from the Mentoring team, Cassandra Wright-Dole as Accessibility Adviser and Tim Loveday as Student Adviser, along with subcommittee members Jenn Zabinskas and Imogen Bannister. Lan Wang remains our IPEd Director.

If you would like to get involved, perhaps on one of our specialist subcommittees, do let me know.

Congratulations to our ABM trivia winner, Mary-Jo O’Rourke, with Deborah Patterson and Imogen Bannister sharing second place, and Howard Roberts coming in a very close third.

For some light-hearted, engrossing and deliciously droll viewing for editors, can I end by recommending The mystery of Henri Pick (available on SBS On Demand). The style and scenery are scrumptious (it is French, after all), and the premise of an anonymous bestselling author is intriguing. It’s a great tonic.

Stephanie Holt AE

New members

EdVic is pleased to welcome members who have joined or upgraded over the last month.

Associate members: Maria Margaret Frances Humphries; Greg Masters; Howard Roberts; Natasha Seymour and Roger Walter.
Student members: Denise Louise Addison and Debra James.

We look forward to seeing you at our workshops and events and encourage you to make the most of IPEd’s networks for news and support.

Professional Development news

We’re busy working on next year’s training program. As always, if you have any suggestions for courses or feedback on previous courses, please do contact us at We’re always happy to hear from members. In the meantime, here are some dates for your diary:

  • Tuesday 31 August, 7pm to 8.30pm AEST via Zoom — ‘Editing tools to boost your productivity’, a demonstration and Q&A of selected programs for editors
  • Friday 10 September, 1pm to 3.30pm AEST via Zoom — ‘Working with Microsoft Word styles and templates’, a workshop for intermediate Word users
  • Saturday 16 October, all day at the CAE in central Melbourne — ‘Indexing for editors’, a workshop for any editors who want to learn how to create indexes (please note that this workshop is dependent on COVID restrictions allowing socially distanced classroom teaching, and if this is not possible, it may be rescheduled).

When bookings are opened, they will be announced via email as usual.

Professional Development subcommittee

Victoria-themed trivia

by Stephanie Holt AE

Enjoy some Victoria-themed trivia questions from our recent trivia quiz. We’ll bring you a few more questions in the coming issues of Gatherings.

Q1-3 Victoria what?

1. A fancy lingerie brand is Victoria’s ________.
2. A Julie Andrews film and stage musical is _________ Victoria.
3. The most frequent train service in the UK is the Victoria ________.

Q4-6 Victoria facts and factoids

4. Which tram does NOT travel on Victoria Street/Parade, the Melbourne CBD’s northern boundary?
a #12 Victoria Gardens / St Kilda
b #35 City Circle
c #57 West Maribyrnong / Flinders Street Station
d #109 Box Hill / Port Melbourne

5 . Which electorate is NOT in Victoria?
a Goldstein
b Indi
c Kooyong
d Lingiari

6. Which place does NOT have a capital city called Victoria?
a Belize
b British Columbia, Canada
c Gozo, Malta
d The Seychelles

Q7-8 Famous Victorias

7. What Byelorussian Victoria was the first tennis player to win a singles grand slam?

8. What Tori, a star of TV’s Beverly Hills 90210, went on to have her own reality TV show?

Q 9-12 Famous victories

9. What is the standard English transition of the Latin veni vidi vici?

10. … and who made the claim?

11. The marble Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre depicts what Greek deity?

12. … and what colour are the versions created by French sculptor Yves Klein?

1. Secret
2. Victor
3. Line
4. (b) #35 City Circle
5. (d) Lingiari
6. (a) Belize
7. Victoria Azarenka
8. Tori Spelling
9. I came, I saw, I conquered
10. Julius Caesar
11. Nike
12. blue

How did you go?
1–4 correct: Let me guess, more of a structural editor than a fact checker?
5–8 correct: A solid all-rounder, always sure to pick up a few slips during copyediting.
9–10 correct: A gun proofreader? That’s some impressive general knowledge to boot.
11–12 correct: Really? Looks like you’ve just volunteered to run our next trivia quiz!