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By the Pay and Conditions Standing Committee

IPEd’s Pay and Conditions Standing Committee (PCSC) has been building an evidence base to support increases to rates in the Book Industry Award, which sets minimum rates of pay for editors in book publishing. The draft evidence base document is available for viewing on our members only portal.

However, IPEd itself cannot apply to the Fair Work Commission to vary the Book Industry Award as IPEd is not a union. The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) is the union that represents editors in the book industry and we need to show the MEAA that editors, especially members of IPEd, care about pay and conditions for both freelance and in-house editors and others who work in the book industry.

After our recent discussions with the MEAA about the award, the union held an open meeting on issues in the book publishing industry. Since then it has distributed a survey for people who work in the industry. The survey is designed to find out what matters to you as either an in-house or freelance worker in the book industry.

Please complete the MEAA survey as soon as possible. There is no closing date. We do note that the survey is not particularly user-friendly for freelancers but please persevere. Let MEAA know that editors count!

Check our draft evidence base and let us know how we can strengthen it: email Pay and Conditions Standing Committee Chair Kerry Davies.