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The conference starts tomorrow! It will kick off with a day of professional development workshops on Tuesday 2 May. The official launch starts 9.00 am Wednesday 3 May and IPEd CEO Karen Lee and Chair Ruth Davies will be there to welcome you to conference.

Our conferences have traditionally been an opportunity to meet, network, socialise and share knowledge – in person. Obviously, due to the pandemic-related reasons in 2020 and planning decisions which needed to be made in early 2022 for this conference, this has not been possible. However, there is now an excellent chance to connect in person at this conference after all, even if you’re not a conference registrant. Each of the branches will be holding at least one conference dinner and these are open to conference registrants and all IPEd members.

Conference dinners

If you’re new to IPEd, please come along and meet the very friendly members of your branch.  Network with other editors or publishers in your field, share about the conference in person or just enjoy having drinks and a meal and socialising with like-minded people. And if you’re not new to IPEd, please come and connect with other members and enjoy the evening.

There is no cost to attend the conference dinners except either paying for your own meal and drinks at the event or a set catering cost per person which may be payable in advance. Arrangements may differ from branch to branch. Please RSVP so organisers can confirm numbers with the respective venues. In most cases, please book via the registration links; however, for the dinners in New Zealand, please book by emailing the relevant contact person listed below.

Arrangements differ from branch to branch, so please check the details below. Note that the registration date for some events has already passed.


Editors Aotearoa New Zealand

Evening on Saturday 6 May. Venue and time to be confirmed.
Please RSVP by emailing Tanja Gardner at

6.30 pm Wednesday 3 May at Eddyline Pizzeria & Brewpub in Richmond.
Please RSVP by emailing Susi Bailey at

7.00 pm on Saturday 6 May at The Birdwood in Beckenham.
Please RSVP by emailing Joan Gladywn at

Editors New South Wales 

6.30 pm, Wednesday 3 May at George’s Mediterranean Bar and Grill, King St Wharf, Sydney. Please note, the RSVP date has passed.


Editors Queensland 

6.30 pm on Wednesday 3 May 2023 at Victoria Park Bistro, 309 Herston Road, Herston. The RSVP date has already passed, but the branch may be able to accommodate you – please contact the organisers as soon as possible.

6.30 pm on Wednesday 3 May at Thai on High Street, High Street Shopping Centre, Toowoomba.
Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Sunshine Coast
6.30 pm on Friday 5 May at Tziki Bar, 8/330 Mons Road, Forest Glen (Kunara Centre).
Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Editors South Australia

6.30pm, Wednesday 3 May at Electra House, 131 King William Street, Adelaide.
Please RSVP as soon as possible.

Editors Tasmania 

6.30 pm for a 7.00 pm start, Wednesday 3 May at the Crescent Hotel, 100 Burnett Street, North Hobart. Please note, the RSVP date has passed.

Editors Victoria

6.30 pm to 10.30 pm, Wednesday 3 May at Level 1, The Emerald Peacock, 233 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. Canapes will be served. Cost is A$40 and payable in advance when you RSVP. Please note, the RSVP date has passed.

Editors Western Australia

5.30 pm, Wednesday 3 May at The Shoe Bar & Cafe, Yagan Square, 376–420 Wellington Street, Perth. Please RSVP as soon as possible.


Conference workshops on 2 May

Today is the last chance to register for our conference workshops! At three hours each, these are rigorous, interactive and are an excellent professional development opportunity. If you sign up for the workshop package, you may undertake two non-concurrent workshops. Here is some brief information about each workshop. The conference registration link contains the full abstracts.

Thomas McGrath 400 x 500px Write Limited’s workshop for emerging editors
Presenter: Thomas McGrath | 9 am to 12 pm AEST

The workshop aims to deliver Plain Language principles that participants can apply to any document they write. By focusing on the big picture first, and keeping proofreading as a separate and final task, participants are empowered to make meaningful changes to their work for the good of their readers. The workshop will use a mix of teaching, breakout room discussion, and individual exercises.
All participants will need to bring along a piece of their own work to edit on the day. But don’t worry, you won’t have to share anything publicly!
Malini Devadas headshot Future-proofing your business: Strategies for getting a steady supply of enquiries as a freelance editor
Presenter: Malini Devadas | 9 am to 12 pm AEST
One of the biggest problems most freelance editors have is finding clients.  In this workshop we will look at the mindset and emotional issues that get in the way of implementing a marketing strategy. You’ll have the opportunity to identify and work through your blocks and then create a marketing strategy that you can actually implement.
Darren Goossens headshot Beyond Word: Open-source editing tools
Presenter: Darren Goossens | 1 pm to 4 pm AEST
This presentation will examine software that, for example, can search any number of files for specified usages, find and convert any number of files from one format to another and change text within many files with a single command. As the web continues to affect publishing and communications, the need to bring editing expertise into projects that include resources of many different types makes new demands on editors and writers. Tools like those discussed in this presentation help us to meet those demands.
A headshot of Dr Renee Otmar Writing and editing the “other” in fiction and creative non-fiction
Presenter: Dr Renée Otmar | 1 pm to 4 pm AEST
In this workshop we’ll examine debates about artistic freedom, cultural appropriation, representation of culture, ethnicity, neurodiversity and dis/ability, gender identity and sexuality, and the influences of recent social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo and #ownvoices, as well as formal inquiries into widespread abuse, violence and discrimination, on readers’ perceptions. By the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have gained an understanding of a range of topical debates and their own positions in editing for sensitivity, diversity and inclusion, as well as when and how to engage independent sensitivity readers and editors.



Conference trivia night

The conference trivia night will be held after the workshops, from 6.00 pm to 7.45 pm on Tuesday 2 May. Please note the change in finish time. This is an opportunity to kick back, test your knowledge, have fun and meet some of your conference peers in a social setting. If you wish to attend the trivia night, please RSVP here to receive a Zoom link.


Presentations and papers

The presentation slides will be uploaded on the conference website within a month of the conference. The proceedings will follow in due course.


We’ll email the links to the recorded sessions within three weeks of the conference. Please note, access to these recordings will only be available for three months.

Last chance to register!

Please note, if you’re interested in attending conference, today is your last chance to book for the professional development workshops which run on Tuesday 2 May. Tomorrow is the last chance to book for the program from 3 to 9 May.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online at the 11th IPEd Editors Conference.